To everyone who opts people into their email newsletters:

Please stop.

On one hand, it is illegal in some countries to add people into your email newsletter recipient list without their permission.

On the other hand, it is annoying to receive newsletters that are not written personally to your sender, that the person never explicitly asked to receive, and/or that now need to be unsubscribed.

I unsubscribed from such a newsletter today.

Do not give into temptation

Just because LinkedIn allows you to export your connections to a spreadsheet, you should not add those email addresses to a list of people to receive your newsletter. Email newsletter providers are quick to explain what constitutes opt-in permission.

There needs to be permission from a person to receive your newsletter.

Being your friend on LinkedIn, Facebook, even your local book club, does not constitute consent to be spammed.

Hands touching hands.

Be honest with yourself

I understand your desire to spread awareness about your business or your newest campaign but email messages that are copied and pasted to a bulk set of addresses are no different than direct mail received through the USPS.

Don’t be a spammer.