So we started the New Year with anything but a collaborative,  ethical approach to solving our fiscal problems . What kind of leadership is this and is this any different than the way certain any number of other organizations operate? How is the “ethical culture “of the Congress being communicated? Does it inspire trust, loyalty, fairness, collaboration, and service?
So as 2013 begins, here’s  an “ethics check,” to help evaluate what may need focus and commitment:
1.       Is the study of ethics an integral component of your compliance/ethics training program?
2.       In what ways, is the importance of ethics and emphasis on ethical behavior communicated and encouraged?
3.       If your code of ethics was created more than two years ago, reexamine its relevance and appropriateness.
4.       Are there plans for an ethics reinforcement program for your Board of Directors?
5.       Are the ethics training initiatives for ALL employees form the top down?
6.       In what ways is your ethical culture being perceived and marketed as a business advantage?
7.       Are compliance and ethics understood as complementary, not synonymous?
8.       Is the training budget for ethics training the same as for compliance training?
9.       Are ethics programs perceived as an expense or as an investment?
10.   What is being planned in 2013 to take your ethical culture to the next level?
Take some time to ponder these reflective questions, which ones exist and which of these need to be addressed.
Happy New Year to all!