CR practitioners are invited to take this survey by May 31st on the state of Corporate Citizenship and successful practices in this growing field. The survey can be accessed online through May 31st at:

The results of this survey are expected to provide the CR community with details on the state of corporate citizenship, highlighting some of the field's best practices. The survey covers the following areas in order to develop a comprehensive view of successful practices and what is working well in current company operations:

1. Executive/board involvement in CR – how involved CEOs and boards are in CR initiatives, what kinds of initiatives they drive, and their top areas of CR focus.
2. Current and future CR practice – key CR audiences, how companies measure the impacts and benefits of CR, how they budget for CR, CR’s impact on profitability, and how firms establish specific measurable goals.
3. The CR function – a snapshot of the CR function within companies, including how it's organized, staffed, and budgeted.
4. CR roles – whether or not the company has a formal CR role, to whom it reports, what areas it’s responsible for.
5. CR communications – how the company communicates about CR, including whether it produces a dedicated CR report, whether marketing communications rely on CR messaging, and which initiatives the company participates in (e.g., GRI).

The 2011 survey will build upon the results of inaugural survey in 2010, based on responses from over 650 companies, which set a baseline by providing the broadest sampling of how companies plan, structure, and budget for corporate responsibility programs. The results from the 2010 CR Best Practices Survey can be viewed online at

The results of this year’s survey will be published in CR Magazine as well as presented in a variety of events through the remainder of the year, including Commit!Forum 2011 taking place September 26-27 at the New York Stock Exchange and the Javits Center (