If you work in marketing or sustainability, you may want to join me tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 15, for a free webinar called Social Sustainability: Using Social Media to Advance a Corporate Sustainability Agenda. We’ll begin at 2 p.m. ET, 11 a.m. PT, and run for an hour, and those who join us will receive a free eBook from Sustainable Business Forum, which is sponsoring the webinar. I’ll be moderating, and you can register here.

The topic:

How can social media be a part of a smart sustainability program? Can social tools be used internally or externally to help make a company more sustainable or responsible? And, just as importantly, how can they be used to encourage consumers to engage with your sustainability message and corporate values?

Join us for a discussion of case studies and expert reports that explain how to take a social media strategy to the next step and create a definition for sustainability within your company. Once you’ve defined business sustainability, you can best use the right social media channels to promote your values and efforts. Our panel of experts will address:

  • Reaching niche communities
  • Social media crisis management
  • Engaging customers to help deliver your message of sustainability.



Sarah Leiseca is a Director of Public Strategies’ Consulting practice group, coordinating strategic communications and public affairs campaign services for a range of corporate clients. Her work at Public Strategies has included campaigns for a large nonprofit hospital system, a pet food manufacturer and a major automobile manufacturer. Sarah also coordinates Public Strategies’ Media Intelligence offering, providing others at the firm with leadership in day-to-day media monitoring, crisis media monitoring, media analyses and long-term reputation management assessments.

Lauren Proctor is a New York City based marketing innovation strategist and freelance writer who is fascinated with the forces that motivate people to commune online. She works at L2, a think tank for marketing innovation, and is a researcher at the Hybrid Reality Institute. Lauren also consults a select roster of brands in advancing their interactive new media marketing strategy.


Eileen Brown is CEO of Amastra and a social business specialist who has been working with collaborative technologies for over 18 years.  Eileen creates the social business, ignites communities and improves social commerce and social CRM.  Her book, Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business, is available on Amazon.   She is a regular speaker at conferences, maintains a successful blog and can also be found on Twitter, Facebook and Google +.