ImageFrom January 2013 £14 billion worth of Government money will be invested in home energy improvements over the next decade. These improvements will include energy efficient central heating systems, boilers, cavity wall insulation, lost installation, window double glazing, in fact to date there are 49 energy saving initiatives to make Britain’s homes more energy efficient. The Green deal will help insulate households from rising energy prices, create a more comfortable environment and create thousands of jobs in the British construction sector.

Following a lengthy consultation period the Green deal will provide home energy saving upgrades to householders at no upfront cost, with no credit checks as the finance for these improvements will be put on the house rather than the individual A new government analysis showing that homes will on average be cheaper to heat and light in the future when the Green deal scheme is implemented.

“The Green Deal is about putting energy consumers back in control of their bills as escalating energy bills are having a major impact on the average family financial out goings. Britain has the oldest housing stock in Europe and the Government need to start addressing this problem to reduce the country’s carbon foot print. By stimulating billions of pounds of spend on energy efficiency improvements for homes Green Deal will revolutionise the way that we keep our homes warm, making them cosier, more efficient – and all at no upfront cost or any form of credit check.

The Green Deal is also a massive business opportunity for firms to create employment, expand and drive the economy forward. By insulating the UK’s homes not just from the cold weather, it will also protect the home owner from the ever increasing cost of energy such as gas, coal and electric. £14 billion worth of Government money will be invested in home energy improvements over the next decade.

The Green Deal framework will be launched from January 2013.Every British home and business will be able to install packages of energy-saving technologies such as insulation at no upfront cost, making their property warmer and more comfortable straight away, with repayments made over time out of the energy savings. Strict standards will be put in place to prevent consumers being ripped off by cowboys.

The major energy companies are obliged to provide £1.3 billion a year to ensure everyone is able to benefit from the Green Deal – no matter their income or the type of house they live in. Additional help will be available to ensure the fuel poor get better boilers and fix draughty homes, while subsidy will also be provided to help tackle homes that are hard to insulate – including solid wall homes.

To kick start the Green deal up to £150 in cash back could be available for homes taking out a Green Deal – to be funded through Government Green Deal finance – as part of efforts to make the Green Deal as attractive as possible.