10 Strategies for Increasing Employee Productivity

10 Strategies for Increasing Employee Productivity

If you want your business to be successful, you need your employees to be happy. When they’re happy, their productivity increases and that’s just what you need to make your business grow. Sounds pretty easy but how do you make your workforce happy? It’s actually a little more complex than paying them lots of money. There are a number of small changes you can make quite easily that will improve efficiency, allow you to get more quality work done and reduce the amount of time spent on pointless tasks.

Do you want to get the most out of your employees? Would you like to reap the rewards of a productive workforce? Here are ten strategies you need to try.

Make Your Employees More Accountable

Making your employees more accountable for their actions and decisions helps to minimize the number of errors. This is because you’re encouraging them to be more cautious and careful in their work. Alongside this, you’re also giving them a sense of ownership and thereby making them feel they’ve got a stake in the company and are one of the aspects of your business that is going to help it perform.

Don’t Micro-Manage

If you micro-manage your employees, they can become very dependent on you. This means they’ll struggle to do anything without looking to you for direction. If you want your workforce to be more accountable, you have to provide them with opportunities to make their own decisions. For many business owners allowing employees to operate in a way that they’re comfortable with can be very scary. You have to trust in their abilities and have faith in their skills. You did hire them in the first place so why shouldn’t you?

Ensure Your Employees Have the Right Tools

For your employees to be able to perform their duties efficiently, they have to have the right tools and equipment. Technology has made such a massive difference to the workforce that you’d be mad not to take advantage of it when you can. There’s a huge amount of software available that can make their work easier. For example, time tracking apps, collaboration tools, and communication apps. It’s even possible for your team to work remotely from home, thanks to technology.

Recruit the Best of the Best

The recruitment process can be as complex as you want it to be; after all, you want to be certain you’ve got the best people working in your company. Begin by looking at candidates’ skills and knowledge. Also find out about their life experiences, values, and whether they’re going to fit your company culture.

Provide Opportunities for Training and Development

Recruiting the right people for the job is not the end of the story. Training is an integral part of ensuring your workforce is productive. Personal development is just as important, and you have to provide your employees with the opportunities they need to grow. Taking a Master of Science in electrical engineering online with Michigan Tech, for example, is something that can be done while your employee is still working. Perhaps you can further help their development by giving them time off to study.

Clear Communication

Good communication is the key to success. Without it, many businesses fail. But what is meant by good communication? Managers who let their employees know what is expected of them and what their responsibilities are. The end result is a workforce that’s engaged and productive. Another way to communicate in a good way is to forget about past failures and look to the future.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

It’s important to encourage, motivate and reward your employees. It’s quite easy to do. Tell them when they’ve done a good job and say thank you. If you think they could be doing something better, then offer constructive criticism. Offer personal incentives for a job well done such as a free weekend away or dinner for two at a top local restaurant. Employees successes should be shared with the workforce as this will motivate them to perform better. If you motivate your employees, they’ll work harder and receive rewards in return.

Encourage Self-Care

Stress is a common problem in the workplace, and the number of employees calling in sick because of it is increasing. If you’ve got stressed employees they’re going to be physically, emotionally, and mentally unhealthy. An unhealthy employee is not going to be very productive. To reduce the amount of stress you need to encourage your team members to take care of their mental, physical, and emotional health. You can do this by listening to them, offering constructive feedback, giving them challenging and meaningful work and making sure they know what they have to do to be successful. It’s also important for you as a manager to model self-care. Show them that you value a good work-life balance, take time for relaxation and exercise and understand the importance of good sleep and a healthy diet.

Offer Remote Work

Believe it or not, remote workers are more productive. Research has been done that indicates a remote worker takes less sick leave, performs better, and is more engaged at work. There’s no surprise then that remote workers can help save your business money. 

Great Perks

Many of the big tech companies understand the importance of job satisfaction. Making the workplace a fun place to be can be very beneficial for your business.  Research is now showing that employees much prefer perks to a pay rise. Time for you to embrace the modern way of working and offer massage rooms, nap pods, complimentary haircuts, movie ticket discounts, subsidized gym membership and much more. If you’re struggling for ideas why not ask your workforce what they’d be interested in receiving for a job well done?

As you can now appreciate you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to make a difference, put yourself in your employee's shoes for just a moment and think about what would make you work harder. If you try some of these strategies, you’ll soon see employee productivity rise.

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