3 Ideas for Creating Business Videos with Screen Recording

3 Ideas for Creating Business Videos with Screen Recording

Like most businesses, you’ve probably started to realize that you can’t afford to ignore video. By 2020 Cisco forecasts that over 80% of online traffic will involve videos, and back in 2016 it accounted for over half of online traffic.

Seeing as you want to create business videos, you should consider using screen recording. Honestly, you’d be surprised at the type of content you can create by recording your screen, and here are a few ideas that should get your creative juices flowing:

  • Video guides and tutorials

Using screen recording will allow you to record footage that shows how to perform actions on a computer or within a particular app. That is perfect for creating video guides around a wide range of topics – so long as it involves a digital product of some kind.

When creating video guides as business content you should try to avoid overtly promoting a product. Instead video guides are best used to establish your credentials as an authority, and to build your brand and engage potential customers.

At most you may want to indirectly promote a product or service by showing it in action during the course of the guide.

  • Expert interviews

Despite the fact that conventionally interviews are conducted in-person, it is possible to conduct them via a video call as well. If you do – you can record the call itself using screen recording to use as content.

Not only is recording interviews via video calls easier to produce, but it is also more convenient for interviewees. It can be tricky to find, contact, and conduct interviews – but there are lots of resources online that can help you out on that front.

Make no mistake interviews can be a great form of content, but they need to be done right. Finding a subject to interview that is in-line with your business and its message is a start, but you also need to ask them questions that your viewers will want answers to.

  • Customer testimonials

In the same way you can record video calls for interviews – you can do so as well with customer testimonials. For businesses video testimonials from past customers is extremely useful, as it acts as social proof and reinforces any claims you may make about your products and services.

There are lots of types of social proof, and they will help propel your marketing efforts by leaps and bounds. The only caveat is that your customer testimonials need to look and feel genuine to viewers, otherwise they won’t be effective and may even backfire.

Based on the ideas listed above you may already be thinking of various topics and videos that you can create for your business. The best part is that all you really need on your end is a screen recorder, and possibly an editor that you can use to compile and tidy up the video after it has been recorded.

When choosing a screen recorder be sure to find one that makes it easy to learn how to record video on Mac or PC, such as Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac, for example. On top of that you may want to look for additional features that you feel will come in handy as you start to record business videos of your own.

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