3 Security Tips For Your Small Business

3 Security Tips For Your Small Business

After taking time and effort to get your business up and running, the last thing you need is a breach in security. Security breaches can be in the form of a cyber-attack or in the physical sense, such as a break-in at your premises. This article aims to provide tips on how to make your business secure.

Install cyber defense software

To prevent a cyber-attack from occurring it is essential to have the latest malware and antivirus software installed on your computer systems. A data protection breach could be disastrous for a small business, due to fines imposed as well as loss of trust from your customers.

Security packages are available that have been specifically designed with the small business in mind. If your business requires you to transfer data to external sources it is worth investing in secure file transfer software, to prevent data breaches.

Secure premises

Not only is it important to protect against a cyber-attack, you also need to ensure that your work premises are secure from intruders. Stock, equipment and personal files are at risk if a security breach occurs. Take a look at your premises through the eyes of a burglar and take action towards securing potential points of access. Access could be through doors that are not secure, windows that don’t fasten securely and even through not being aware of how many keys there are to the building. Consider changing the locks and issuing keys to only a couple of trusted people.

Within the premises it is important to make sure that cash and valuables are kept locked in a safe. The safe should be in good working order with a restricted number of individuals having access.

Consider purchasing an alarm system. A monitored alarm will be directly connected to the police meaning that they can attend the scene of a crime rapidly.

Ensure the exterior of your premises remain visible. If necessary cut down trees and hedges so that the building isn’t hidden from view, this will deter burglary attempts. It may be worth joining forces with other businesses in the vicinity to watch out for each other, in a similar way to how neighborhood watch schemes work.

Change passwords

If you become the victim of a cyber-attack it is likely that there will have been a security breach, meaning that personal data of your own, employees and customers will have been compromised. Additionally the hackers may have gained knowledge of the passwords you use. For this reason it is essential that you don’t use the same password across all online systems, otherwise the hacker will have total access.

Get into the habit of changing your password at least every 90 days, don’t write it down or share with anyone else. To make your password strong use a combination of lower case, uppercase letters and numbers.

Other security considerations include always logging off sites when you have finished, using a secure Wi-Fi connection (i.e. don’t transfer secure information when working in your local coffee shop) and invest in updating your security measures frequently to ensure security stays current and up-to-date.

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