3 Ways Media Monitoring can Help You Disrupt Your Marketing Communications

3 Ways Media Monitoring can Help You Disrupt Your Marketing Communications

You may initially think that media monitoring is just about public relations and monitoring what people are saying about your brand. It is definitely about these two things, but not only these two things. There are many other ways that you can use your media monitoring tools to advance your marketing and communications efforts. Today, everything seems to be about disruption and finding new ways to do the things differently than the way everyone else has always done. You can use media monitoring to get ahead of your data and explore ways to disrupt your marketing communications and change things up.

Focus Your Advertising on Your Audience instead of Your Brand

Since the conception of advertising, the ads have always centred on the brand itself. A new outlook, and way to disrupt your advertising, is to change the focus to your audience. How does your brand help your audience and how can it make them feel? Incorporating storytelling into your ads is a great way to make this strong connection with the audience and show them how your products or services can help them or make them feel. This is an excellent way to put a positive spin on your brand without keeping the focus on your brand. Media listening tools can help you accomplish this switch by providing data and intelligence about your audience so that you can use their language to connect on the platforms they prefer.

Broaden Your Audience Connection

Most companies have been concentrating on developing a hyper focused targeting strategy with their advertising and marketing messages. Disruption is all about switching things up. Instead of always using a method where you are targeting a segment or portion of your audience, broaden your message to reach more and appeal to a broader customer base. Choose language with a broader focus so that more people will identify with what you are saying. Remove labels or groups from your advertising copy and you will increase the amount of listeners that identify with your message. You can use your media monitoring software and tools to help define the content that will resonate with multiple segments at the same time. In addition, turn the focus on the context of your content rather than just the content itself. When you study and know your audience, nailing the context becomes second nature. Like our first example, storytelling can help you appeal to a broader audience base. Just be sure that you are focusing on integrating your brand into the story you are creating and telling without changing the focus or taking away from the story.

Align with Topical Issues or Advocate on Important Topics

Especially in today’s political and social climate around the world, brands will tend to stay out of it. However, depending on your brand and culture, aligning with complementary topics can help you stand out. Of course you need to consider if your brand, culture, values and services align with the topic and weigh up the positive impacts, but by supporting a stance or ideology that is topical and a natural fit, it can help enhance the outlook on your brand. Some of the best examples of this aired during the 2017 SuperBowl. Some of the world’s top and most influential brands took it upon themselves to send out a message on the world’s biggest advertising stage. You can see the ads here so that you can get a better idea of what we mean. Although the SuperBowl takes place in the United States, this concept can be employed all over the world since there are situations everywhere that your company can support and views you align with. In these cases, media monitoring must be used before and after the ads run to gain insight and discovery on what people are saying and how they are reacting.

Summary and Takeaways for Your Company

Disruption isn’t for everyone all the time. Its very nature to go against the grain calls for moderation. As with anything in marketing and branding, you must know what works for your company and test to get the best variation of your marketing mix. Testing and knowing your customer is a big part of the success or failure of disruption tactics.

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