4 Great Ways to Prepare a Temporary Office Rental for a Client Visit

4 Great Ways to Prepare a Temporary Office Rental for a Client Visit

You’ve successfully operated your business out of the home for years. When there was the need to meet with a client, you were the one making the trip. Things are different now since one of your top clients wants to visit your location. Instead of going into panic mode, you need to secure some temporary office space. Here are some ways to make that virtual office environment seem like your real base of operations.

Learn the Name of the Receptionist

Perhaps you already have a Toronto virtual office setup that involves having someone answer your phone line and forward messages to you. While that’s great, you will now be in the building with the receptionist who answers that line. Your first order of business is to go in, introduce yourself, and learn the name of that receptionist. When your customer arrives, it will be perfectly natural for you to introduce the receptionist and the client by name. Thanks to addressing this little detail in advance, the receptionist’s name will roll off your tongue as if it’s used by you every day.

Acquaint Yourself With the Layout

It’s not enough to explore the office you are reserving for the day. There’s also the need to learn more about where things are located on the floor and other parts of the building. Areas that you should explore in those office rentals in Toronto include the location of the restrooms, where the vending machines are located on each floor, and where the break areas are set up. If your client needs to use the facilities or if the two of you decide to get a soda, there will be no hesitation about which direction to head.

Arrange the Catering

You would like to make sure there are plenty of foods and beverages on hand for your client. If you are renting a conference room along with the office space, arrange to have a caterer bring in some things that can be set up buffet style. The selection can be based on the time of day your client will visit. Morning visits may call for fresh fruit, breakfast style beverages, and some bagels and cream cheese. If the visit will be closer to lunch time, sandwiches, a side dishes, and several drink options will be in order.

Bring in Some Personal Effects

Don’t forget to bring in some personal effects that will provide some personality to your temporary office space. Things like area rugs, books, framed photos, and a plant or two will be enough to give the space a more lived-in look. They also reinforce the perception that the office space is one you use every day without you having to utter a single word. Renting office space is one of the most economical ways to provide yourself with a setting that will impress your client. Instead of waiting for a customer to show up in town, why not explore the option now? By establishing an arrangement with an office rental provider, you can be ready the moment you hear a client intends to stop by for a visit.

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