4 Untapped And Undiluted Sources Of Backlinks

4 Untapped And Undiluted Sources Of Backlinks

Gone are the days when a business handed out cards to potential customers. In 2017, it’s about having a digital presence and surfing the web for clients. Sorry, but pieces of laminate won’t help the cause on the World Wide Web. What help the cause is backlinks. Ever since the inception of SEO, links from unbiased and reputable sources have been used to rank websites and build consumer trust. Sadly, as the practice become popular, backlink resources started to dry up and become less effective. Well, the good news is that there are still streams which are flowing with potential.


Regardless of size, companies love testimonials because they validate their bold claims. Customers are neutral and wouldn’t leave a comment unless they enjoyed a product or service. But, how does a comment for your good self-result in a link to the site? Well, companies often do it for free without asking because they need to confirm their sources. As a result, a testimonial that you send to a firm will usually include a hyperlink to show readers it’s genuine. Pretty neat when you think about it!

Blogger Reviews

Google has strict rules on asking for reviews, which is why Skip The Line Backlinks says they are a taboo subject. However, it is possible to get bloggers to mention a product or service on their platform without asking for anything in return. Here’s how it works. First, find popular sites in your niche which may be interested in a freebie. Then, send an email asking them if they would like said freebie. In the text, mention that it is free of charge and that you are just looking for feedback. Most people will write a review or discuss the product as a favor, especially if it’s high quality.

blogger reviews help you to earn backlink
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Link Recovery

It’s not nice, but people use domain names on their platform without inserting a link. Unfortunately for the company it involves (you), these people are preventing organic and powerful links which impact your ranking status. Thankfully, there is a way to reclaim your links: find examples and ask them to do the right thing. It isn’t hard because if you type in the domain name on Google and go past the first couple of pages they will pop up. Or, Buzzsumo is an effective tool. Because they have been caught out, they should try and rectify the situation. Otherwise, you can ask for the address to be omitted as a last resort.


HARO is short for Help A Reporter Out and involves journos contacting people for quotes. All you have to do is write down your info and wait for a question. If you are clever, you can contribute a tailored quote which could end up in a reputable publication. Very often, news-type blogs and sites quote their sources in the main body of the text for prestige purposes. Even if it doesn’t work, it’s one more contact which could be useful in the future. Guys – always help a reporter out!

If you’re looking for backlinks, these are the places to start your search.

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