4 Ways to Make Marketing Videos for Social Media More Engaging

4 Ways to Make Marketing Videos for Social Media More Engaging

When you’re publishing marketing videos on social media it is important that they are able to retain and engage viewers. Needless to say keeping viewers interested isn’t easy, especially nowadays when attention spans on social media are at a record low.

As much as it can be tricky to engage viewers, it is far from impossible. In fact if you want to start making your marketing videos for social media more engaging there are a few simple ways that you can do so right now:

Make it shorter

Because viewers have shorter attention spans, it stands to reason that you should try to make your videos shorter too. As a rule you should keep your marketing videos under a minute in duration, but for even better results you should tailor it according to the platform as well as your audience. In some cases you may even want to create videos that are 15 seconds long and yet will be highly engaging and much more likely to retain the majority of its viewers.

Be direct and highlight the benefits in the first 8 seconds

Considering the compressed timeframe of your video, you should try to be as direct as possible. In fact it is best if you let viewers know why they should be watching the video by highlighting its benefits within the first 8 seconds – because that’s how long it takes most viewers to decide whether to continue watching.

Stick to a single message

As much as you may be tempted to try to push multiple marketing messages in a single video – that is likely to have disastrous consequences. Every marketing video that you create should focus on delivering a single message as effectively as possible, so not to distract viewers and cause engagement levels to plummet.

Don’t rely on the audio

Many marketing videos rely heavily on audio to deliver their message, normally in the form of a voiceover. Increasingly viewers on social media are watching videos on mute or with the volume turned down however, so if your videos rely on audio to deliver their message it is likely to not get across. Rather than relying on audio, it is best to leverage visual elements instead – or at very least use subtitles to ensure your message gets through.

It is worth noting that you don’t need to go overboard and create expensive marketing videos that are crammed with special effects. In fact using Movavi Screen Capture Studio to capture video and create simple marketing videos can be far more effective, and engage more viewers.

With Movavi Screen Capture Studio you can record videos from your screen, or from a variety of other sources. Additionally you can edit the footage that you record, to polish it and make it look professional by enhancing its quality, adding background music, inserting captions, applying filters, and so on. Simply put you will have all that you need to create marketing videos for social media – quickly and easily. 

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