5 Delights For A Businessman’s Bucket List

5 Delights For A Businessman’s Bucket List

Waking up every morning and having your coffee handed straight to you; your bed being made as soon as you get up; every item of your clothing being pristinely pressed to perfection. Those are the things we all dream of having in our lives one day and are the current lifestyles of the rich and famous. Being a successful business person obviously takes time, energy and a heck of a lot of persistence. We all dream of reaching that peak in our career where we don’t have to sweat about money and we can sit back on our business as a comfort blanket. All you need to do is find a niche industry where you can make a killing and you might just be able to live the businessman’s dream life. Many of our world leaders and world renowned business people are living this dream each and every day, so here’s a glimpse of the things you could be doing once you have skyrocketed to success.

1. Get a Summer Home

How would it feel to have not one home, but two, or three, or four?! You could invest in a house in any country that you could ever want. Pick your favorite holiday destination and make it into your second home. Whether you love the sandy beaches of the Bahamas or you enjoy looking out on the snow-capped mountains in Switzerland you could truly live wherever you wanted. You might even enjoy your summer home more than your full time house, but it doesn’t matter because you can be there whenever you want. Take a break whenever you feel like it and make sure you travel there in style…

2. Charter a Jet

Forget the commercial flights and leave the hustle and bustle of the crowded airports at the door. Transport yourself to your summer home or favorite holiday destination in style and charter your own private jet. Choose from a range of different air transportation like the Xi Jinping airplane. You don’t ever need to own your own personal aircraft, just let the experts look after that for you. Take a holiday or business trip in complete luxury in a multimillion dollar aircraft that it suited to you. The most influential world leaders are doing it and so can you!

3. Build a House

Who moves into a house that somebody else has already lived in anyway? Start from scratch and build your own. Bring in expert constructors and plan your interior design to the finest detail. Pick out the locations for your ten different bedrooms and bathrooms, whilst mapping out the acres for your tennis court and swimming pool. Build a home from the beginning and make it your own. Everything will be tailor made to suit your style so forget the old grandma curtains and the shabby sofas; say hello to bars on every floor and a slide into the backyard. Anything is possible for the house of your dreams.

4. Holiday on a Yacht

Feeling the breeze flowing through your hair; getting gourmet meals prepared for you every single day and diving into the crystal clear oceans, this is what a yachting holiday in the Caribbean consist of. Forget all of your stresses and have the deck hands and stewards take care of your every want and need. If you request freshly caught lobster for breakfast, it is all yours. If you suddenly want freshly baked chocolate chip cookies at 2am the chef is there to serve! From midnight dips in the rooftop Jacuzzi to firework displays on shore, a yacht team will make your holiday the dream you’ve always wished for.

5. Buy an Island

Go one step further to living the ultimate life of luxury and don’t be prepared to share your holiday with any stranger. Richard Branson did it so why can’t you? Buy your own island and bask in the luxury of owning your own piece of land in the middle of the sea. You will never have to worry about annoying locals or holiday makers cramping your style, you can invite whoever you want to share your new desert island!

Although they are seemingly unreachable now, you might just be able to enjoy these luxuries one day if you stick at what you’re doing. Work hard and look ahead to that private jet. If that is what motivates you then keep looking ahead to that. Before you know it you will be sipping an ice cold cocktail on the private island you own and not worrying about setting an alarm in the morning!

Featured Image from Shutterstock / By sdecoret

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