5 Tips to Take Control of Your Business's Online Reviews

5 Tips to Take Control of Your Business's Online Reviews

There is no denying the fact that customer reviews build the base of contemporary marketing. Well, although it’s not that of a novice form of advertising, as it certainly follows a new approach by going back to the grassroots in the digital form.

Online customer reviews not only give people a chance to share their experiences with you but also with your other existing and potential customers who rely on these reviews to find out whether or not your business is worth investing their money in!

That is why, keeping a track of and subsequently responding to your customer reviews is a vital part of managing customer feedback as well as of shielding your brand reputation from the aggressive competition prevailing in the modern-era marketing. If you aren’t following this tactic yet, it’s high-time you start taking out time to respond to both your happy and unhappy customers.

As per a survey conducted by ReviewTrackers, 52% of customers expect a response within 7 days of posting their reviews, especially if it’s a negative or critical one. Furthermore, it’s been found that in some scenarios, where the customers can be more demanding, every 1 out of 4 customers expect to hear back within 3 days, whereas 21% of them expect a review response within 24 hours or less.

As per the research, 78% of the customers have said that getting a response to their reviews make them believe in the brand, which eventually show that the particular brand actually cares about them.

Hence, if you are also looking for some inspiration to go ahead and navigate the (treacherous) waters of online customer reviews and feedback, here’s a guide with some brilliant examples:

1. Recognize Your Staff’s Efforts and Share Customer Credits

A positive review is not only good for your brand but also works as a great booster for your employees’ morale. Policybazaar company reviews make for an excellent example of how you can showcase the utilization of this technique to spread positivity through encouraging reviews to build a happy and enthusiastic team working towards customer satisfaction.

2. Always Acknowledge/Compliment Your Customer

A simple ‘thank you’ can work wonders in favour of your business. Make sure to reply to even positive reviews posted by your customers with proper personalization and genuine appreciation for their time.

Jessica Lavin, an employee of Hotel Monaco, based in Philadelphia follows this amazing practice of giving a personalized compliment to every hotel guest, which makes their stay far more pleasant and memorable.

3. Be Sincere in Your Apology

One such example is of the Stamford Plaza in Brisbane, where one of their guests posted a negative review about the hotel mentioning impolite staff and noisy rooms. Instead of neglecting his reviews, the manager of the hotel, Mr. Philippe wrote a very thoughtful and professional response to the review acknowledging the problems guest had experienced at the hotel and also assured the customer that the hotel is already working on fixing those problems.

4. Offer an Immediate Solution and Fix the Issues

JetBlue Airways’ Twitter works as one of the major customer service channels of the brand. It makes sure to respond within minutes for as minor issues as backseat TVs not working. It doesn’t cost much to the brand but definitely makes it worthwhile in its customers’ eyes.

5. Highlight the Values of Your Company

Vet care is not an easy thing to do, as customers’ emotions run high in this business. Particularly, during an emergency or a crisis, parents involved can be extremely opinionated and vocal as it concerns their pet babies. Furthermore, these situations can easily translate into emotional rants; for instance, there will always be some people who feel that the vets are all about money and hence, their babies (pets) are not safe in the vets’ hands.

Forest Grove Veterinary Clinic gave a classy example of how to highlight its values, all-the-while addressing its customers’ concerns.

Summing It Up:

With time, customer reviews have moved their position from ‘nice to have’ to an integral part of a business. Customers rely on these reviews more than ever to make any buying decision and that’s why maintaining a positive online performance has become the need of the new-era marketing.

So, which one of these tactics are you going to implement in your digital age customer service? Do let us know.

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