6 Ways To Big Up Your Brand Awareness

6 Ways To Big Up Your Brand Awareness

Companies everywhere rely on their marketing teams to come up with the best marketing strategies possible to get the customers on their sites and buying their products. Marketing is such a broad term, but it ends up meaning the same thing: interesting, attracting and hooking customers while splashing the name of a company every which way! Traditional and print marketing methods are all still viable methods of marketing, but in this digital age that we live in, most companies rely on digital and social media for their marketing strategies. With so many people utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn (to name a few), it makes sense that where possible, the marketing budget for a corporation is spent on online marketing.

It’s all about brand awareness and getting the name of your brand out there. You have a message and something to say with your product or service, so it makes sense that you would want as many people to hear that message as possible. Cutting through the social media noise to stand a head and shoulders above your competitors is so important, and it’s going to be a big part of your business when it comes to bringing in more customers and getting people aware of who you are. So, when you want to maximize your brand and big it up a little, check out these six ways to get that job done – no matter your budget.

 Get Online.

When you started your company, it’s likely that you started your own company website. It’s a sensible thing to do, as any company these days that wants to be a part of something important is going to utilize the internet for a big piece of their marketing. Firstly, it’s free to be on social media at a basic level. You can pay for ads and remarketing with Google AdWords, but in the main if you have a business page on any social media platform, your customers are going to be looking for you. You can build a huge audience and brand simply by having someone dedicated to social media in your company. This means automating tweets, Facebook posts and photos as well as using Snapchat to detail a day in the life of your business. Be active when you use social media; your customers will notice when you’re not.

Throw A Party.

New product, new networking opportunity. Whenever you have a new development in your products or services, you need to throw an event to celebrate! A live event, flash mob or freebie gets the attention of customers and clients faster than everything else, and it’s a great way to paint your brand as one full of fun and excitement. You get that face time that your business needs to have a more personable exterior but directly with your customers. You could theme your event to tailor to your product. For example, if you are releasing a fashionable and updated Flapper dress, you could hold a 1920’s event. People will remember it – just don’t forget to tweet those pics!

PR Campaigns.

Press coverage is basically free advertising. If you put out a hot air balloon with your new product and brand message, for example, you can bet that the local paper who spots it in the sky will report about it! The good bit? A PR campaign has a credibility about it that general marketing that you put out yourself often doesn’t. You can shout about your product, but you would because it’s your product. The local press raving about you gives people the trust that there are good reviews about what you have to offer.


It’s one of the more expensive ways to get your brand out there, but exhibitions and expo give you the chance to give away some freebies and get some information out to people. You can decorate and design your pitch and your stand in a way that will attract people, and the best way to do this is to offer a contest or freebie – a hook, if you will. Branded gifts are an amazing perk, as people will reach for a pen or desk calendar and your name will be right under their noses every day without them even thinking about it!

Stop, Collaborate And LISTEN!

Getting involved with a similar business to you can be a real eye-opener for your business. There I power in numbers in your industry and you could collaborate with a business to get them to advertise on your behalf, and you can offer the same. This could come in the form of a social media shout out or a guest post on their company blog – and you do the same, too. As an example, you could be a winery and offer discounts to a wedding venue if they advertise your product for you to prospective brides. It’s a win-win situation all round!

Blog Off

Content marketing is huge, with companies everywhere having a blog on their company website so that people can get a feel for what it is that they do all day, as well as have a heads-up about what products and services will soon be available for them. There are many businesses who haven’t yet cottoned on to how amazing content marketing could be for them, but they’ll catch up. You can do the very same by ensuring that you bring on a specific employee who can blog for your company and draw the people in. Blogging humanizes your company, and people want to feel like they can relate.

Your brand is the way that you present yourself to the public, to clients and to the world as a whole. You have to maximize your opportunities to market it where possible, so that people can relate to you as a business and be excited to be in your presence. Make it happen for your company and don’t be afraid to stand up and be counted!

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