7 Top Automation Platforms to Increase Sales

7 Top Automation Platforms to Increase Sales

Automation is elevating the marketing landscape to new heights.

On top of enabling brands to become more efficient with their marketing strategies, automation has led to increased sales for just about every business that has made it a priority.

Let’s take a look at some of the top automation platforms that are helping brands discover their true potential.

1. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is marketing automation platform that enables you to send personal, timely, and relevant messages to your audience.

Creating beautiful emails has never been easier with Campaign Monitor’s drag-and-drop email builder. Easily create professional-looking emails that are designed to look amazing on every device – all without ever having to worry about code.

Campaign Monitor is a leader in advanced personalization and automation. The platform integrates with third party tools like Salesforce CRM and Shopify eCommerce to use the data you already know about your customers like age, gender, geo-location and transaction history.

For example, let’s say you’re an online shoe retailer and you want to identify all VIP customers who have searched for the new Air Jordans over the last thirty days but did not purchase. With Campaign Monitor, you can automatically create that customer list and send them a targeted email with a discount offer for those shoes to entice them to purchase.

2. Buffer

Buffer is a social media tool that enables you to manage all your social accounts from a single dashboard.

The beauty of this platform is in its simplicity. You can easily customize posts for any social network without having to waste time logging in to each one individually.

And with their social media calendar, you can organize how and when your content gets posted across each network.

Buffer also tracks key engagement metrics across your social media profiles to give you a comprehensive look at which content is performing best.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a very similar tool to Buffer in that it also allows you to manage your social media accounts from a single dashboard.

One of the major advantages of Hootsuite is that they provide real-time analytics and monitoring tools to help you make quicker decisions about what and how to post.

It’s also a great platform for large teams, as you can easily delegate creation and scheduling tasks to other team members.

4. Snip.ly

Snip.ly is an incredibly simple automation platform that enables you to add a call-to-action to links you share across the web.

You can create your CTAs in a variety of ways, including button snips, form snips, text snips, image snips, and hidden snips.

They also have customization features that allow you to personalize themes, colors, positioning, and domains.

5. Tailwind

Tailwind is yet another social media management tool, although it’s designed specifically for Pinterest and Instagram.

With it, you can automatically schedule posts based on when your audience is most engaged, upload images in bulk, generate detailed brand insights, and even produce hashtag lists.

One of its greatest advantages, other than its ease of use, is that it offers a seamless experience for teams and collaborators.

6. Search Metrics

Search Metrics is an automation platform that aims to drive content marketing performance by helping you gain competitive insight and market analysis.

The platform works by providing data insights on how to improve your content marketing efforts to perform better for both SEO and engagement purposes.

For brands committed to creating great content, it’s hard to beat the advanced analytics, recommendations, and forecasting offered by Search Metrics.

7. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is an all-in-one scheduling platform that helps you organize your content and social media marketing calendars.

Its main goal is to allow you and your team to organize all your marketing strategies in one place.

In addition to being an easy-to-use scheduling tool, CoSchedule also provides powerful analytics that help you measure the results of your campaigns.

Increasing Sales Through Marketing Automation

The automation platforms listed above are proven options for increasing sales within your business.

Give them a try and discover how utilizing automation across your marketing strategies can take your business to new heights.

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