A greener business environment can boost productivity

A greener business environment can boost productivity

It isn’t just the environmentalists who have been discussing the reasons behind global climate change and the greenhouse effect. Businesses have smartened up and begun factoring green practices into offices. One example being the use of acrylic sheets cut to size for use instead of more wasteful plastics. As a result, the commercial interior designers have also begun to incorporate the same into their designs and transform workplaces into sustainable environments. But has the green phenomenon won all hearts it set out to win? According to this research by Accenture, even as late as in 2013, about 37 percent of managers were facing a lack of business value as a roadblock.

Does that really mean that a greener business environment doesn’t recommend itself to companies? The article found in the Journal of Organizational Behavior shows otherwise. The research piece reported that by following eco-friendly green practices, businesses enjoyed 16 percent higher productivity as compared to non-green office buildings.

On which side do you count yourself to be? Do you think a greener business environment is good for nothing but creating huge bills? Or, do you realize how such workplaces become more productive while improving the future of the coming generations?

Let us look at some of the ways through which green businesses may increase their productivity:

Cognitive Boost

Another study displays what we already knew to be true about green offices. A 26 percent cognition boost resulted when the employees’ worked in a green environment! Besides that boost, improvements in how employees use information usage, how quickly they respond to crises, and the creativity of the strategies they came up with were also enhanced. That’s because just like a Solar Sales CRM that takes a holistic approach and combines every aspect of the customer relationship in one place, eco-efficient workspaces do the same by prioritizing all employee health!

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Greenery Boost

Once the cities began to grow and spread, pockets of greenery have become few and far in between. The downside of this is that the absence of greenery lowers our productivity and we don’t even realize it. For instance, this study showed a 15% increase in the productivity of employees who were working at a green office. 

Besides boosting productivity levels, green offices also improved engagement between the employees and their concentration levels. The plants introduced in the workplace achieved all that while refining air quality! Another experiment examined how greenery could affect our ability to delay gratification. The results of that study show that natural vegetation might have a hand in improving our decision-making abilities in the long run!

Increases employee involvement

While the leadership in a workplace attempts to make their business greener, it is a smart step to involve employees in the process. Only through their participation will such an office become energy-efficient since they are the ones who use the amenities and appliances. By involving them, the management ensures they become a part of the team. This will motivate them to conserve energy among other things and thus, increase productivity.

It is true that on top of the workload most employees are already juggling, a new program based on the environment may be an unwelcome addition. If you are trying to make a difference, why not clarify the roles your employees will play in the program? For instance, if you are having a dialogue with the sales reps, show them how they can improve customer loyalty through greener practices. For your financial officers, a demonstration of how a Solar Sales Software can save the company big bucks can work!

Merging two cultures

Usually, when an employee steps into their workplace, they leave the greenery of nature behind them. The same is true for various other aspects of the office culture. But do the two always have to be at war with each other? Green offices can connect the culture within to the one outside. What would this achieve you ask? Your employees will feel more relaxed and happy to come to work!

Create environmental warriors

By adding a green motivation to the office equation, a company can create a team that thinks along the same lines. When reminded of their responsibility to the environment, these team members will be watchful of their actions. The work ethic is likely to permeate their personal lives, as well. Moreover, employees of the Green Team will collaborate with each other. Then they might come up with more creative ideas that will result in further waste reduction and a minimal consumption workplace.


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Healthier employees work harder

The World Green Building Council released a report as part of their Better Places for People campaign. In the document, the WGBC provides guidelines that companies may use to take action. Among the steps that it outlines can be found one that instructs that companies assess key environmental factors that can have an effect on the health and wellbeing of their employees. For instance, by improving the indoor air quality, employees can experience doubled cognitive ability. For instance, if companies improve the indoor air quality, employees can experience doubled cognitive ability. When it is too hot or cold in a workplace for the people working in it, it can reduce staff performance by 6% and 4%, respectively.  

Similarly, workers whose offices had windows got 46 minutes of extra sleep every night as compared to those who didn’t. By not limiting noisy distractions, companies view as much as a 66% drop in employee performance and focus. If a workplace’s interior is based on an active and open design, the staff there feel more capable of managing their workload. This also encourages employee loyalty.

Attracts employees and investors

The younger generation of employees has been raised on the consequences of the anthropogenic actions on the environment. They have grown up knowing that the glaciers are melting and the meat-eating world has a huge carbon footprint. Most such younger employees would prefer not to be linked to companies who aren’t worried about their ecological responsibilities. They try and steer clear of names implicated in ecological and social welfare disasters. Therefore, companies that respect the environment will attract like-minded employees and stakeholders. The employees will help such a company thrive while the stakeholders could fund its various ventures.

A greener business environment does boost productivity! What are you doing to make your workplace greener and eco-friendlier?

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