Alternative Add-ons That Will Make Your Site Stand Out

Alternative Add-ons That Will Make Your Site Stand Out

Over the last decade or so, improvements in technology have led to the majority of people having a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone and many of us spend a whole lot more time than ever scrolling through the web. It’s not all too surprising, then, that companies have taken advantage of this, putting their products and wares exactly where the consumer market is placing its attention. As a result, the success of E-commerce has increased dramatically. More and more people are turning away from traditional brick and mortar stores and opting to purchase items online to be delivered directly to their homes. The popularity of operating online amongst business owners themselves has also been boosted by other benefits that come hand in hand with an online store, such as lower running costs. Remember that when working in E-commerce, you don’t have to deal with commercial property anymore. You don’t have to concern yourself with the rising costs of properties in high footfall locations or the increasing prices overheads such as water, electricity, and gas bills. Then there are business opportunities such as expanding your reach to a global level through the simple option of international shipping on your goods and wares. However, the increasing success and supposed simplicity of operating a small business online have also resulted in an oversaturation of the marketplace. New stores are popping up day in and day out. So, how do you help your business stand out from the huge crowd of other online stores? Well, the key is making your website stand above the rest. Now, we’re all familiar with the basics of commercial web design. But have you ever considered a few alternative add-ons? Here are some that you might like to pay attention to.

Flipbook Catalogues

You may think the days of product catalogues are long behind us. This may be the case for the physical variety. However, online flipbook catalogues are a brilliant business tool that shouldn’t be kicked under the carpet. Bear in mind that we still live in a very visual generation. We like scrolling through images. This explains the profound success of visual image sharing apps such as Instagram and Pinterest. A flip book can give your customers an insight into the best stock that you have to offer. There are several ways that you can get this information across. First, you could stick to tradition and simply add product images and descriptions like a standard catalogue. Alternatively, you can make the catalogue looks a little more editorial, like a high-end magazine. Add stylized images from photo shoots, reflecting your goods in the best light possible. You could even use the flip book as a newsletter of sorts, filling your customers in on your brand’s progression and latest launches. The flip books offered by offer added extras, such as mobile support, link detection, detailed zoom, and page statistics.

Store Locators

If you’re still operating a brick and mortar store, or if your goods are stocked in other independent tangible stores, you still want your customers to engage with these physical areas. So let them know where they can find your stock! A store locator can be easily embedded into your website without any special coding knowledge required. This makes it extremely easy for customers to find you, which will encourage an increased footfall in your store and more sales. All they have to do is enter their city, address, or zip code and the tool will let them know where they can find your products closest to their current location. It really is as simple as that.

Newsletter Sign Up

newsletter signup
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It’s always beneficial to have some sort of newsletter signup form on your page. Why? Well, as soon as you receive potential customers’ contact details, you can update them with special releases, offers, events, and discounts. You can also send things like forgotten basket reminders - if they’ve placed some goods in their basket and then closed the tab you can remind them, tempting them back to complete the purchase. A good way to get people to sign up for your newsletter is to offer some sort of reward for doing so. For example, 10% off their first purchase when signing up, or free delivery on their next order. Never underestimate the power of email marketing. It really is time to start using it to your advantage!

These are just a few different add-ons that can really help your site to stand out from the rest. Remember that each facet of your webpage should serve a purpose and be used to your advantage. So, try these out and see the results!

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