Bonding With Your Team This Year

Bonding With Your Team This Year

If you are new to management and are in charge of a small team this summer, you might be looking for different ways to bond with your team and bring a sense of fun to your working environment. There are plenty of methods for bonding better with your team this year, and here are just some for you to try out.

Be open

The key to be a good boss and building a relationship of trust with your team is to be open and honest about your work and your life. It is incredibly important that if you want to lead a team, you lead by example and share the truth about work and issues you may be having. This is a key way to bring you all closer together because it allows your team to support you, and for you to support them when they need it. It means that if anyone ever has an issue, they are more likely to come to you for help.


If you want to bond with your team on a deeper level this year, you will want to make sure that you provide a supportive and positive working environment for yourself and your workers. Being a leader is all about investing your team and showing a genuine interest in their career development, and this will help to improve your bond with your workers. If you go that extra mile to help your workers find training for their development, they will form a more loyal bond with you and the company.

Making the workplace personal

If you have an office space to use for your business, one of the things you will want to think about is making the office more personal for your team. Take some time this month to redecorate the space and get your employees to have an input on the space. Hang up photographs of you all at team building days, bring color into your space and make it a fun place to be. This can increase your bond because your employees will feel like the office is their space too.

Team building

One of the most popular ways to bond with your employees is to go on team building days. Instead of the usual company picnic though, you can have some more fun this year by doing something different. Try an Escape room, make a scavenger hunt around the office or even have a day at the beach. It doesn’t have to be boring and can be the perfect opportunity for everyone to get to know each other better.

Take an interest in their life

As a boss, you don’t want to become your employee’s best friend, but you do want to act as a confidant of sorts. Make sure to share small pieces of your life in return for their efforts and it will allow you both to get to know each other as real people instead of workers. This can make a big difference to the atmosphere in the office and make a difference to the trust between you all.  

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