Boost Your Business By Reselling Encrypted BlackBerry Devices

Boost Your Business By Reselling Encrypted BlackBerry Devices

New technological developments have always gone hand in hand with new forms of crime, and the massive benefits that have come with improvements to electronic communication have, unfortunately, brought with them the ever-present threat of cyber attack. With public awareness of the dangers posed by cyber crime growing with every massive data breach and political scandal making the headlines, there is a genuine interest on the part of many businesses in real cyber security solutions that can offer concrete protection.

One of the most popular options for businesses of all sizes that regularly deal with sensitive information is the PGP encrypted BlackBerry smartphone. PGP encryption cannot be cracked, and because BlackBerry phones can have their functionality restricted to the sending and receiving of email, cyber criminals have no way of getting into an encrypted phone and accessing your confidential information.

The popularity of this technology has led to booming business for resellers, who act as go-betweens for PGP encryption providers and the actual markets that exist for these services and products. Providing flexible encrypted BlackBerry plans can be an excellent revenue stream — if you are able to find a reliable encryption provider to work with. Here are a few things you should bear in mind while looking for potential encryption partners.

Whitelists Are A Major Selling Feature

PGP encrypted devices can only communicate with other devices that share the same encryption — which is part of what makes them so secure. A whitelist is a list of IPs that are able to communicate with each other, and in the world of PGP encryption, an extensive whitelist is an important draw.

While it is easy enough for businesses to make sure that all of its internal communications are done using PGP encrypted devices, if it wants to be able to communicate with other companies, it will need to make sure they are on the same whitelist.

Find A Provider Who Offers Robust Support

As a reseller, you need to cultivate a good relationship with your encryption provider. If you’ve sold PGP encrypted phones to a business, they are relying on you to be able to solve any problems that may arise, such as lost devices that need to be wiped. You want to know that the encryption provider will be immediately responsive to these kinds of sensitive issues, which means finding a provider who has a regular customer support line. 

According to the most recent data, spending on cyber security in 2017 was more than $86 billion, which speaks to the growing seriousness with which businesses of all sizes are treating the threat of cyber-crime. It also represents an opportunity for businesses that can position themselves as intermediaries between PGP encryption providers and individuals and organizations that want to guarantee that their confidential information stays confidential.

Finding the right encryption partner to work with can help you turn PGP encrypted smartphone reselling into a lucrative revenue stream, while also providing a valuable service to businesses in your community that want to protect their data from cyber criminals.

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