Business Innovation: Adopting Latest Tech to Improve the Customer Experience

Business Innovation: Adopting Latest Tech to Improve the Customer Experience

The customer experience has become the number one priority for companies. In one study 75% of companies said improving customer experience is their main goal for the coming year.

And for this there are a variety of technologies to help you. These include artificial intelligence chat bots, better opening hours for customer service lines, and a personalized web experience.

So why businesses should be integrating the latest technology to improve the customer experience?

Because Your Competitors Have Already Done It

Bad customer service is a real problem. 71% of companies said that customer service is a competitive differentiator, so for most companies it’s become something that they’ve focused on.

If you refer back to the introduction at some of the examples of the latest customer experience technologies, you’ll see that we’ve mentioned those because many of the big brands have already implemented them.

Visit Amazon and you’ll notice that the homepage is never quite the same for everyone. This is the essence of personalized shopping.

The point behind this is that your competitors are already ahead of you and as time goes on customers will no longer demand this level of service they’ll automatically expect it.

And if they haven’t You Can Get a Competitive Edge

But even if you’re in a niche where your competitors are behind the curve on customer experiences it’s no reason not to make changes.

That’s the number one reason why companies take their time in changing how they do things. They believe that because their competitors haven’t budged they don’t have to.

They’re missing out.

Implement changes now and you’ll gain a competitive edge. It could be an edge that you never relinquish. In highly competitive niches it could make your company.

Improve Your Company’s Reputation

Even companies that attempt to pay attention to customer service find they have poor reviews because it isn’t what the customer expected.

It could be a simple problem of too many customers calling too few people. This is why contact center technologies can resolve the issue as you can handle more people with a smaller team.

Doing so improves your company’s reputation and makes you more marketable. Remember, 84% of customers trust online reviews as much as friends, so what people are saying about you online matters.

Saving Your Money

Unless you’re a large corporation you likely don’t have the money to run a large team of customer service agents available 24/7.
But technologies are allowing companies to meet the needs of customers without spending more money. Take artificial intelligence as an example of this.

Previously, chatbots were clunky and rarely solved a problem that a simple FAQ couldn’t. Yet artificial intelligence allows these bots to be trained and to become better at what they do over a period of time.

It’s anticipated that businesses could even downsize their human customer service teams, while maintaining and improving their customer experience ratings.

It’s an exciting time and simply by streamlining your customer experience you could make money through saving.

Last Word – How Do You Go About Improving the Customer Experience?

What’s intriguing about the revolution in customer experience technologies is that they aren’t reserved for the largest of companies. Even small businesses can integrate them within their companies.

You can improve the customer experience, save money, and make money all at the same time.

These technologies are widely used and there are dedicated packages for the smallest of companies. Look into them and see how the can solve the biggest flaws in the customer experience you offer.

Do you currently use any customer experience technologies in your company?

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