Business Videos – Why You Need Them

Business Videos – Why You Need Them

With video slowly taking over, are you investing in it? Read why you need videos for your business, below.

With more and more social media users watching video, it’s no wonder that it’s taking over. According to Live, 80% of users would rather watch content than read a blog. Why? Because video is easier to consume. Long gone are the days of lengthy blogs, and now the younger generation on social media don’t have the time to read all the information they want. Video is fast becoming the only way to for users to consume content.

So, what happens if your business isn’t investing in video production services? Or, even worse, not trying to do it yourself in-house… Well, you’re potentially missing out on a lot of engagement and interactions on social media. These can help the visibility of your brand and help you market products/services.

In this post, we’ll be outlining why video is so important, especially for businesses that want to thrive online. It’s really simple and easy, and we’ve got all you need to know, right here. Let’s get into it.

Why Video?

Like we’ve said, everything is moving toward video. Brands will need to start becoming broadcasters, making sure that they have lots of video content on their social channels. Because in the world of content and social media marketing, ROI (return on investment) is measured differently. Marketers need to prove that they can engage their following with content they want to see, like videos, as well as help their social profiles grow. It’s going to become a key part of marketing a business, and video is a necessity that every company should be investing in. If you’re still not convinced, your competitors might be

Video growth is an upcoming social trend with a difference – it’s backed by data. Marketers have seen the data and analytics of video viewing on social media, which means they know their stuff. So, if they’re telling you to invest in video, then you should be.

Hitting the Mark

In a world of ‘fail’ videos, internet cats and more, how do you make sure you keep your brand, well, on-brand? With video, you run the risk of making content that appeals to a mass audience instead of your own. Great if you’re trying to grow, but let’s be real, you’d ideally like more business. Creating videos geared towards the wrong demographic can be great for social ROI, but if there’s no clear business coming in through social, you’re screwed.

So, when it comes to creating video, you need to try and appeal to your own audience, as well as the wider one too. There’s 3 types of video that can work, pretty much, for any brand. We’re going to tell you all about them. These guidelines should help you branch out into video content and start creating your own ideas based around your target audience.

1. Entertaining

The first, is entertaining video content. How many times have you scrolled through Facebook and seen a video that’s taken your interest? Loads! Why? Because people like to laugh and be entertained. If you can create video content for your audience that entertains them, you’re almost certainly guaranteed to get some shares and interactions on your post.

The key with entertaining content is to make it relevant to your brand. Include your team or branded material, in a sketch that appeals to a wider audience. Entertaining video content can be used for branding, as opposed to bringing in more sales. It’s to help your business grow on social media which is key.

2. Informative

Another great form of branding, and one that excels for b2b companies, is creating informative video content – but this works for other brands too. Informative videos can be formatted in a way where you provide blog like information, condensed into video form. This can be industry news/trends, or even ‘how to’ videos. Many brands use these, like Nando’s, by rolling out recipe video content – using their products to create meals.

Informative videos should be aimed specifically at your audience, with the intent to create a video that provides a solution and actually ‘offers’ something to the viewer. Informative videos are great to convey authority too, showing off your industry expertise. Your audience, should they find it useful, will share your video content onto their own timeline, and hopefully help you rack up views.

3. Promotional

Finally, there’s promotional video. These can be adverts or videos that, you guessed it, promote your brand. Whilst entertaining and informative videos need a certain level of subtlety, promotional videos can directly be about your brand’s services or products. These can be used as sponsored posts, to feature in your social media advertising. It will boost engagement on your adverts, as an attractive video will draw your select audience in and get them to click (hopefully).

Promotional video is a great form of advertising, for a lot less than it costs on telly. It’s a great way of directly marketing your business towards viewers, and if the video is good quality, it will hopefully boost engagement too!

Don’t forget about Blogs!

Whilst video proves to be very successful on social media, blogs are still an important part of a business’ website. See, blogs are crawlable by search engine robots, which means they can help a website rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing. So, find out your best blogs and adapt them into videos. You can use the videos on both social media and your blog page. You’ll have the written crawlable content from the blog, and the video too – covering all of your bases.

Combining all of these elements is a sure-fire way to increase engagement on social media, and hopefully win some more business in the process. It’s vital to begin investing in video content, especially now we’re well into 2018. Brands need to cover all bases, with blogs, videos and more to stand a chance of being successful online.

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