Businesses - Center Your Data On Green Technology

Businesses - Center Your Data On Green Technology

Data centers have become a focal point of the industry. As soon as the internet took over, companies had to find a way to store information and power the connection. Today, downtime is a sin and it’s up to the data center, or server, to go live 24 hours a day. The problem with this tech is that it isn’t healthy for the planet. With a host of components that run all day long, there is bound to be energy wastage. Sadly, data centers are notorious for inefficiency. As a green company, helping the environment is a must, and here’s how you can get back to Mother Nature’s good side.

Manage The Airflow

One of the techniques at your disposal is “free cooling”. Quite simply, it involves using cool air to reduce heat. Because oxygen naturally occurs in the atmosphere, there are zero side-effects to this tactic. Well, there are small snags but they are easy to get around to be honest. The key to helping manage the airflow is to implement server racks. By enclosing them, it reduces the chances of hot and cold air mixing and lessening the impact. Another alternative is to use a variable fan from an AC unit.

Try Water-Based Cooling

“Hold the phone – businesses merge water and electricity?” As risky as it sounds, the truth is that water-cooling servers are more effective at reducing heat. The current calculation is that industrial centers that use H2O are 3,400 times better than air. And yes, the number is real and not based on spurious info. The great thing about water is that it takes away the little details which make air-based systems less green. For example, traditional data centers tend to see high spikes in energy as a result of the air-cooling. Water-based methods recycle the H2O and keep the power usage down to a minimum.

Limit The Load

A center just does its job, which is to deal with data. If there weren't as many dumps, the system wouldn’t have to work as hard and create energy. Obviously, every business thinks they are operating at their maximum and can’t go any lower. The truth is that you’re biased and may not be able to see the signs. Regardless, be aware that virtualization is a fantastic trick that saves power as it runs more than one workload on a server. Also, unplug any unused servers at the source. They may be handy in the future, but cross that bridge when it appears.

Close The Loop

Creating excess energy is only a bad thing because we burn fossil fuels. When a business uses renewables, the impacts are less harmful and the planet is cleaner as a result. Millions of companies haven’t invested in green energy yet, and it’s a problem. You, though, can be a shining light for the rest of the industry. With solar panels, for example, the loop closes as the excess “waste” is clean energy anyway. The initial cost is high, but it’s worth the money in the long-term.

Are your data centers wasteful? How do you plan on making them greener?

Featured Image: Shutterstock / By Maksim Kabakou

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