Businesses Offer Childcare Services to Employees to Create New Generation of Leaders

Businesses Offer Childcare Services to Employees to Create New Generation of Leaders

Providing decent childcare is a complex challenge in Australia. Both the government and private sector much collaborate to find effective solutions. Under the Australian Government Paid Parental Leave Scheme, parents can take off up to 18 weeks after having a child and get paid the national minimum wage. After that point, it is up to employers to help their staff find suitable options.

For decades, Australian policymakers have insisted that investing in childcare needed to be a top priority. A growing number of businesses throughout the country are also getting on board. Between 40% and 50% of all Australian businesses have on-site childcare facilities. However, their commitment to investing and future generations does not end there.

According to experts from ACTAC, many business owners are also investing in training childcare providers. Their commitment to this is twofold:

·         They want to make sure that their employees have decent childcare options. This discourages young women from leaving the workforce to take care of their children on their own, due to a lack of adequate childcare services.

·         Training childcare providers helps provide a strong foundation for young children. This helps ensure that they will be on stable footing as they reach adulthood. This is key to making sure that there is a strong base of young leaders to drive success in the workforce of tomorrow.

Here are some ways that Australian businesses have started hiring and training top childcare providers for their employees.

Using Myers-Briggs and other types of personality tests to screen potential applicants

The childcare profession is not suited for everybody. It takes a tremendous amount of patience, stellar interpersonal skills and uncommon levels of empathy to educate children every day.

Most businesses understand the importance of finding the right child care professionals to mold young minds. They carefully screen applicants with a variety of personality tests, such as Myers Briggs.

Providing training to promising child care professionals

Some child care professionals have already received the training they need. However, many people that could thrive in this profession have not completed the necessary coursework. Far more doors will be opened up to them after they receive a diploma of early childhood education and care or diploma of childrens services.

A number of businesses pay for entry-level employees to take childcare courses. After completing the necessary child care courses, these employees are eligible to become licensed childcare providers. This means that they can apply for a position in the company’s child care facility after getting their diploma in childcare.

Offer ongoing training to make sure child care professionals improve their job performance

Learning to become a great child care professional does not happen overnight. Even after taking all of the necessary courses, these professionals are not going to be perfect. Employers that invest in childcare services recognize this reality.

They need to address it by offering continuing education to their child care providers. This involves both offering additional child care courses and encouraging staff to participate in seminars.

They also try to develop mentorship programs, just like they do for all other departments. The goal is to make sure that people in the childcare facility have the support and training they need to excel.

Developing close relationships with parents

While child care courses are very important, a lot of the material is pretty general. Child care professionals need to understand the importance of viewing each child as an individual.

This is only possible with the support from the child’s parents. They can help Child care professionals understand the root of any issues that may have arisen. When the parents discuss medical conditions or experiences that triggered anxiety, the childcare professionals will have an easier time catering to their needs.

Providing childcare is a top priority for many employers

Employers throughout Australia are more focused on providing childcare services than ever before. They recognize that this is necessary to create a stable generation that will lead their companies.

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