Is Your Content Unique Enough?

Is Your Content Unique Enough?

Millions of words of content are published online every single day. Trying to come up with content that stands out as unique and original can be a major challenge, but it’s not impossible. Are you doing everything you can to create a one-of-a-kind content strategy?

4 Tips for Coming Up With Original Ideas

We live in a world where originality is few and far between. Most people would rather follow the herd and stick with the status quo. But if you want to be a highly successful content marketer, you must blaze your own path. Here are some helpful tips and techniques for coming up with original ideas that command attention from your audience:

1. Use Reddit to Source Ideas

Are you familiar with Reddit? It’s a massive discussion forum in which people from all over the world come together to discuss various ideas and interests. Find pages – referred to as subreddits – that deal with your industry or audience and see what sort of information they’re discussing. You might find a topic idea that nobody else is currently creating content around. (As a side note, Reddit is a great place to spend some time when you’re conducting market research or seeking to better understand your audience.)

2. Take a Unique Angle to a Common Subject

There’s something to be said for shaping content around popular subjects. After all, popularity increases the chances that your article will gain traction. But instead of writing about the same old topics, what if you took a unique angle? This article from Our Organic Wedding is the perfect example. It’s about different ways brides can incorporate cats into their weddings. In a niche that’s filled to the brim with basic wedding articles, this sort of post stands out. One strategy is to take a popular topic and do a 180-degree take. In other words, if the popular view you see in articles is that candy is bad for your health, maybe you write an article titled 7 Reasons This Doctor Recommends Eating More Candy. Contrarian articles tend to stand out when everyone else is playing follow the leader.

3. Fuse Two Seemingly Different Ideas

Want to challenge your creativity and develop a unique piece of content at the same time? Take two seemingly unrelated ideas and fuse them together to create an original piece of content. What does this look like in practice? Let’s say you’re in the business of selling used cars. This is a saturated niche in which every conceivable topic has already been discussed. Instead of continuing to write on what to look for in a used car, how to test drive, or how to spot a lemon, you could choose a totally random topic, such as photography, and come up with a unique topic like The 5 Greatest Camaro Pictures of All Time.

4. Expose Yourself to Creativity

The more you’re surrounded by creativity, the more likely it is that creativity will rub off on you. If you find yourself sitting in your office, unable to come up with any original ideas, step away and try something else. Go for a walk in the woods. Visit an art gallery. Rent a movie that you normally wouldn’t watch. Exposing yourself to creativity will ultimately help you come up with new ideas.

Cut Through the Noise

You aren’t going to stand out if you’re simply copying everyone else’s content. You might get a few clicks and a couple of shares, but no real value is being added to your brand’s bottom line. In order to drive conversions and build loyalty, you must make a commitment to cutting through the noise and coming up with fresh content ideas that set you apart.

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