Develop and Grow Together with SendPulse

Develop and Grow Together with SendPulse

It is not easy to be a business owner. Multiple tasks that you have to do every day can make the process complicated and time-consuming. Effective communication with customers is a crucial aspect of a successful company. SendPulse is an online marketing platform that may take on this duty and make your email campaigns efficient and unique.

A variety of services to choose from

First of all, it is necessary to understand that your customer receives both useful and needless emails every day. That is why it is important to make your emails not only eye-catching and interesting but also relevant for your potential or existing subscribers. At SendPulse you can set up personalized emails, which means that you can create variables for each email campaign. For example, you can choose the recipients’ name, location, gender, or age, which will allow you to send your messages only to those who may be interested in what you offer.

Sendpulse tool


Sometimes people do not even open emails having no time or desire to read about any new offers and advertisements. SendPulse gives you the opportunity to combine three channels of communication — emails, SMS, and web push notifications. Therefore, if your customer, for example, hasn’t opened your email, they will receive an SMS.

At SendPulse you can also set up an automated flow, i.e., messages that will be sent after your subscriber has performed an action. This tool is called Automation 360.

Automation 360

With automated emails, you don’t need to monitor every single step taken by your customers. The system will send a relevant email (SMS, web push notification or all of these if you want) after they register at your site, buy something, leave a purchase in a cart, or any other event that you want to set. You can check the statistics of every flow and see all messages that a specific user gets.

A comfy interface allows you to add an element of Automation 360 by simply dragging and dropping it into the working field. You can use the following:

        Emails. Here you should choose the subject, time when the system will send a message, and template. By the way, at SendPulse you can not only find over 100 ready templates suitable for any event but also create your own using a drag and drop editor.

        Web push notifications. They are adaptive for any device, and your customers can quickly subscribe to them.

        SMS. As well as web push notifications, SMS may be sent in case your customer hasn’t opened an email. If you want to add this element, make sure that you have phone numbers of your subscribers in the mailing list.

        Filter. This element helps you to make your emails personal. Here you can choose the recipient’s gender, age, or other conditions.

        Condition. This element determines the next step after a customer performs an action. For example, if they make a purchase, the system sends a ‘thank you’ email. In case the customer forgets something in a cart and leaves your site, a reminding message is sent to motivate them to complete the purchase.

        Action. With the help of ‘Action,’ you can move, copy, or delete your subscribers, send emails to your own email address, or change variables for the contacts.

        Goal. Here you can specify what you want to achieve in your email campaign and make the automation stop when the goal is achieved.

 SendPulse Automation

Subscription forms

At SendPulse you can easily create and use various subscription forms. They will help you to collect a list of subscribers for email campaigns and determine your target audience. To create a subscription form, you can choose from ready templates or design your own using your brand colors and images. Besides, it is very easy to change the form —you can edit it in the builder, and it will be automatically changed on your website.

Subscription forms will look good both on smartphones and computer screens and can be placed at any page of your website. However, you can hide them from mobile users if you want. There are four types of forms available at SendPulse:

        Fixed. This form will be attached at the bottom of the page and stay there even when a user scrolls the page down.

        Floating. Floating form is usually attached in the right lower corner of the page and is always seen by the customer.

        Pop-up window. This form appears when a customer is going to leave your website or has spent some time there.

        Embedded. You can place this type of subscription form at any page of your website.



You can choose the plan which will be the most suitable for your business. If you have less than 2,500 subscribers, you can send 15,000 emails every month for free. For bigger companies, there are three available plans: a monthly subscription, pay as you go, and a VIP plan. By the way, web push notifications are absolutely free!

Once you see SendPulse at work, you will never want to try something else. The platform has a simple and convenient interface, offers reasonable prices, and supports its clients 24/7. By the way, if you are proficient at email marketing and can contribute to its development, you can participate in a Startup Accelerator Program and get a $5,000 grant that you can spend inside the platform. So, do not wait for a chance, just go to SendPulse and grab it!

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