Easy Eco-Friendly Ways to Create High-Quality Promotional Materials

Easy Eco-Friendly Ways to Create High-Quality Promotional Materials

Most entrepreneurs recognize the benefits of running a business that is dedicated to environmental sustainability. They are familiar with a 2013 study by Neilson that showed 42% of consumers in the United States and Canada would pay a premium for green products. They have also seen data showing that running a green business is the key to saving money. Unfortunately, actually knowing how to run a green company is a totally different matter.

If you are trying to run a sustainable enterprise, you are going to need to prioritize finding green solutions to create marketing materials. Here are some things that you need to consider.

Look for companies that use recycled materials

Do you have any idea how many trees are cut down each year? One estimate pegs figure at around 15 billion. Many of them are wasted to produce new paper that could have just as easily been created by recycling other paper products.

You need to keep this in mind when you are developing promotional materials for your business. Whether you are printing them yourself or turning to a marketing agency to produce time for you, you should make sure the paper is recycled.

Make sure your promotional materials are optimized for digital media

When you are printing marketing brochures or business cards, you probably intend to distribute them through traditional channels. However, many of these materials can easily be repurposed for digital distribution. This will save you from needing to print more, which will reduce your environmental footprint.

Unfortunately, this is an always going to be possible. An expert I spoke with from Gogoprint a leading printing service, says that you are going to need to consider:

·         The size of your literature

·         The format of your text

·         The color of your content and the way that it contrasts with other elements on your pages

You might not be able to easily re-purposed your content for digital devices. You will need to make sure that they are designed with that in mind from the beginning.

Use sustainable printing services

You should also look for a company that uses sustainable printing services. Gogoprint and other companies are able to create multiple orders from a single sheet of paper, which minimizes waste. This is great for reducing wasted paper and energy.

Encourage people to download apps like Card Shark

There are a number of business card cruncher tools, such as card shark. These tools make it easier for people to store business cards. They can simply take pictures of a new business card, which is immediately scanned into their phone.

This enables them to keep close track of all of the business cards that they have collected, without having to handle them. It also allows people that print out their own business cards to hold onto them, rather than having to print large numbers of them. The next time that you are giving out a business card, you might want to ask the person if they want to download Card Shark instead. Try to make it sound like you’re doing them a favor, such as not having to keep all of their cards on hand.

Make sure that your materials are both light and durable

Designing your marketing materials from recycled paper isn’t the only thing that you need to do to make sure that they are at eco-friendly. You also need to make sure that:

·         They are not too bulky. This means that you will be able to transport them in larger quantities, which reduces the carbon footprint of transporting them.

·         They should also be fairly durable. This is important, because if they are easily ripped, then you will need to replace them. This will lead to a lot of waste, which requires you to print more.

Balancing lightness and durability can be difficult. You’ll need to do it as best as you can, because that is key to improving sustainability.

Don’t use more ink than you need

Of course, you need to prioritize creating quality designs that get your point across and encourage customers to take action. However, you need to be careful about using unnecessary elements on your marketing materials. This will lead to you using more ink then is necessary, which won’t be good for the environment. Keep in mind that this ink will bleach into the environment after it is disposed. You want to minimize that as much as possible. Of course, if you can find a biodegradable ink, then that will be a lot better.

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