First Impressions Matter: What You Need to Be Aware Of

First Impressions Matter: What You Need to Be Aware Of

First impressions are considered an important part of business and life for a good reason. You only get one chance to make them, and so it is essential that you show yourself off in the more blindingly positive light that you can.

In business, particularly in this current climate of every man, woman, and their goldfish has started a business, you need to have the right first impression to stand out in a rising tide of monotony. With so many similar companies being born every day, having the best first impression of all of them and standing out atop the rest will help immeasurably towards building your company and its reputation.


The first place a potential customer will visit after learning about your company is Google, and from there, they will hope to get to your website to discover what you can do for them. For this reason, you need to have a landing page and website that will immediately grab their attention but not overload them with information.

There seems to be a trend for tech companies nowadays to merely fill their website with pictures of landscapes. This might include a woman doing yoga at the edge of a cliff and an About section filled with a jargon that even the most educated of techies may see as nothing but a salad of words without any substance.

If you don’t have the technical know-how to create a page yourself, then looking at services such as those found here: can help you create a website and landing page that will make customers remain your site and start giving you their business.


Much like your website, you also need to pay close attention to the design and tone of your social media pages. This is where you will be able to interact with customers directly, and any posts from you or them can demonstrate whether or not your company is one other potential customers can trust.

Social media is becoming more and more of a marketing tool for companies all over the world. Because of this, ensuring that you have someone with necessary experience in running your pages as well as responding to customers is essential. While you don’t need to follow the Wendy’s route of social media interaction, being punctual with your responses will help build relationships between your company and consumer.

And it would be negligent to merely focus on one social media platform. While you may feel happy with just a Facebook business page or LinkedIn account, also consider utilizing Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr to reach as broad an audience as possible and supply them with different types of media to keep up to date with your company.


Another aspect you need to consider is your company logo. This is something that should be arranged early on in your business’ life before you have even started selling your services to the public. Furthermore, it needs to represent your company at a glance and without explanation, so it is imperative to get it right.

While later down the line, once you have established a dedicated customer pool you can think about altering your logo, that doesn’t mean you can scrimp on the design. We live in an ever more streamlined world and the trend at the moment seems to be less is more. Depending on how you want to stand out, you can either follow this trend or subvert it to inspire interest.

However, subverting could come back to haunt you, and you don’t want to suffer from problems associated with a lousy logo, which will merely inspire mockery within your industry, at best. Employing a reliable graphic designer is something that needs to be taken seriously to create the most effective company symbol you can.


Additionally, your customer support services must be top notch. If there are any issues with using your product or your service then having people on hand to assist customers through these problems is essential towards building your company’s reputation.

If you leave customers on hold for too long, they will hang up. If your either real-life or AI online support doesn’t fulfil their needs, they will log off. If they believe that your support is not taking their issues seriously, they will spread hate on social media to anyone who will listen.

Setting up a reliable support network for your business will go a long way to building excellent customer/business relations and create loyalty for your brand, which will only strengthen your position in the industry as the years go by.


It is true that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Doing everything you can to ensure that first impression is one that will leave customers and investors with a positive attitude towards your company will eliminate a lot of the reputation building that so many companies struggle and strive for when first starting out.

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