Get Covered for the Home Handy Job

Get Covered for the Home Handy Job

Getting help for domestic duties is common. Cleaning, gardening, and care for elderly or the disabled are the most common type of domestic duties. In Australia, there many online platforms that help home owners to get assistance at one click. For example, Serviceseeking or Home Improvement Pages are most popular websites for handy man typed jobs. One Flare and Airtasker are also getting increasing popularity in Australia.

In the old days, the yellow pages were the go-to place when looking for trades to help on domestic duties or other duties. In order to list a qualified business in yellow pages, the business will need to contact yellow pages, provide business information, and pay for subscription fees to be listed in yellow page. The process of getting listed itself is a form of business validation process. In this type of directory platforms, the service seeker will need to contact a listed business to get service.

In the newer service adverting platforms, the process is different. The service seeker places an advertisement online about the job requirement. It is up to the qualified business to contact the service seeker. As a service seeker, it is much easier process. As a business, instead of waiting for the phone to ring, the business can be more proactive to capture leads.

As the service seeking process get easier and quicker. It is very tempting for the service seeker to get quotes from multiple parties and go with the lowest cost service provider. Some business, in order to lower the cost of quotes to the consumer may cut costs wherever possible, including costs for necessary workers compensation insurance.

One of the leading injury lawyers conducted a random survey about the private home employer insurance. It is not surprising to find out that most that the topic of private home employer insurance was not at the top of the mind of the people hiring services online. Some doesn’t know about it, and some just assume that this is covered by the public liability claim.

The reality is that private home employer insurance is type of compulsory insurance to cover work related accidents. In Western Australia, the workers compensation system is a no-fault system. As long as an employment relationship can be established, the injured worker may have a right to workers compensation payments should there any accident occurs. The payments for the handy job to be performed, is often qualified as a proof of employment. No one likes accidents. However, accidents do happen all the time, and the consequence of the accident may have a range of impacts. As a private home employer, it is important to make sure that a small home handy work does not turn into a large liability. And one of the best way to ensure this does not happen, is to have adequate insurance coverage for this type of situations. 

If you are hiring a company or an individual for your home handy work, please check to make sure the business or individuals you are about to hire have sufficient insurance coverage. If they don’t, please consider purchasing private home employer insurance from one of the WorkCover approved insurer. Depending on the scope and a range of factors relating to the job, the insurance premium for private home employer insurance can be very cost effective.

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