Here's the Ultimate Bucket List to Complete During a Social Media Cleanse

Here's the Ultimate Bucket List to Complete During a Social Media Cleanse

Social media is officially addictive – many people simply can’t tear themselves away from their second, online lives. Like most addictions, one solution is to quit social media cold turkey, or at least deactivate your account, and go on a social media cleanse.  Chances are that if you’re asking whether you need to purge the social networks from your system, you need a cleanse – but how will you keep yourself busy without your trusted tech distractions? Here’s the ultimate bucket list to complete during a social media cleanse.

#1 Cleanse Your Body

A social media cleanse is all about helping you focus on things that matter again, and one of the best places to start is with your health and wellbeing. A home detox is one of the best ways to find clarity, and it will give you something to focus on once you step away from social media. Just like a social cleanse, this is all about flushing harmful toxins and distractions from your body. The average cleanse involves a strict diet, primarily of fluids, accompanied by meditation techniques that help you get back in touch with who you really are. It can be tough, and you should consult a doctor before doing anything too extreme, but aligning your mind and body to your new approach to social media is an absolute must.

#2 Reconnect with Real Friends

Social media gives us a sense of false connection to our “friends”, but as soon as you disconnect from all things digital you’re going to notice that you may have left the people who matter most behind. Unfortunately, the same is true of relationships and romance. There are so many ways to swipe and hook up that the old-fashioned art of courtship is dying out. Once you’ve committed to a social cleanse, you can reconnect with real people. The first step should be your friends. Have your friends come over to catch up – it can be a dinner party, you can watch the game, or even just hang out. The trick is, you must call them up. And when they arrive, get everyone to turn off their phones. You will be amazed at how good it feels to connect. Dating is a little more difficult, but maybe it’s time to reach out and repair that broken relationship? Meet the girl you hurt for coffee, or write a letter to the person you’ve always wanted to ask on a date. Human connection is guaranteed to get you further than an emoji sent on a messaging app.

#3 Go on A Road trip

We all find our inspiration in different places. But whether you are a fitness fanatic or an amateur artist, there’s no better way to motivate yourself than to get out on the open road and escape the daily grind. A great bucket list item when you’re out of the social media space is to go on a road trip. This is an amazing way to disconnect from bad habits, explore the great outdoors, and literally get away from it all. It doesn’t need to be a six-month journey that costs you a fortune. Simply pick a destination that suits your budget, grab your best friend, and get going. There is no right way to road trip, so enjoy it and take in every memory. Without the need to post every picture to social media, you will create memories that last a lifetime.

#4 Do Something Different

A lot of us find comfort in doing the same thing every day, and a part of breaking the social media habit is getting away from the same old people, places, and parties. If you spend all your time on social media wishing you were more like the people that you follow, then maybe this is your chance to become like them. Use your cleanse to push yourself to do one thing you never thought you would. Read a novel. Go skydiving. Get a pet. Volunteer at your local church. The action doesn’t matter as much as the fact that it’s outside of your ordinary patterns. Once you see that there’s a whole world of excitement out there, you’ll start to realize that social media isn’t helping you live your life – it’s holding you back. And who knows, maybe you will make the cleanse permanent. Royalty-free image by Pexels

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