How Sustainable Are Your Employee's Daily Emotions?

How Sustainable Are Your Employee's Daily Emotions?

There are many guides written regarding ‘how to get the best out of your employees’ and ‘what to do when your employees neglect to pull their weight.’ While these are profoundly useful guides to read and understand, it can lead to you feeling a little hostile towards your employees. Seeing them as humans and not as profit-generating automatons is the first step to being a good boss, but it’s certainly not the last. In order to make the most of how you regard your professional relationship with your employees, you need to treat them and their emotions in ways that are sustainable, and keep them with your firm and productive for as long as possible. The more respected and well catered for, the more likely they are to stay at your firm, even when offered a higher paid position elsewhere.

Keep Offices Clean

Think of the life of an employee. Waking up in the morning, commuting to your place of business and greeting the colleagues they are surrounded by. The first impression they are greeted with as they enter their work will likely be the thing that sustains their emotional state for the next couple of hours. For this reason, keeping your offices clean is absolutely paramount.

A messy room means a messy mind, meaning that a dirty or chaotic office can impact the minds of your entire workforce. Try and instill a heightened organization policy, and gently encourage staff to keep their working areas clean to the capacity that they can. Hire thorough office cleaning services to take care of all hygiene during the night, so the office is fresh, clean and smells good in the morning. This can do wonders for the mindset of all employees in the morning.

Encouragement & Praise

Encouragement is something which we all need, even the most independent and headstrong of us. Positive emotion is strongly tied to believing that we are making progress with our goals, and so offering this to our employees allows for them to understand they are on the right track. This is not something superfluous or minimal in the least. However it does matter how you apply it. Simply being encouraging of your team for the sake of it means employees will tune this out pretty quickly.

If you truly hope to impress your employees with your amazement at their work, keep it contained for when they do something great. Then, celebrate that person with all of you might. This lends authenticity to your words, and means they will be treated with respect. You can make someone’s year by putting them on a pedestal thanks to some great work they have done, even if that means faithfully coming to work on time and accepting overtime assignments as they come up. Celebrate people who do not expect to be celebrated, and this will have the double intended effect of making all employees act suitably.

With these tips combined, you both respect and elevate the staff under your care. This can give you such a benefit towards your daily goals it can be hard to overstate, and cement you as a solid boss in the minds of your entire workforce.

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