How to Keep Your Data Safe at Work

How to Keep Your Data Safe at Work

Data security breaches are a business’s worst nightmare, and the consequences of important and private information getting into the wrong hands can be fatal for a company. During your day at work you are likely to create and deal with lots of data, and some of it may be sensitive information that belongs to clients. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have procedures in place to keep your data secure at work. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when protecting sensitive data.

Protect All Devices

Often people assume that only computers and laptops need to be protected from data leaks, but all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets should also have anti-virus software and VPNs (Virtual Private Network) installed. Often these devices are even less secure as they are regularly connected to public Wi-Fi networks which can leave them at risk of being hacked.

Similarly, you should make sure that only authorized devices can access your Wi-Fi network at work. Any outside device that tries to connect to your company Wi-Fi should meet security standards beforehand. It is also advisable to make all work devices password protected by fingerprint or face recognition so that outsiders can’t steal employee’s phones in order to access sensitive data.  

Use a Data Recovery Service

Sometimes data is leaked or lost, and this isn’t always avoidable. While you should have procedures in place to limit the chances of data losses, you should also have a data recovery system in place. Industry leading data protection company, Secure Data Recovery provides recovery services in case of electrical damage or hardware failures. Secure Forensics also provide secure encrypted flash drives that allow you to protect your data while on the move.

Train Staff

All staff should be trained on how to keep any data they work with safe. Many data security breaches are caused by human error, so by fully training your staff, you can ensure that everyone knows what procedures to take to minimize the risk.

Staff training on data security can be as simple as teaching employees how to create a strong password and how to spot a scam e-mail when it pops into their inbox. Employees should be familiar with anti-virus and anti-malware software and should only access work data from a work approved device or from a secure network.

Use Cloud Storage

Many companies have increasingly started to use cloud locations to store some of their data. By keeping data in third-party internet servers, you can protect it from cyberthreats as well as damage or theft.

Many cloud locations are well-known for their secure storage options available and can be a great place to keep back-up data stored safely.

It is essential that the data you use at work is kept safe and secure. While you can never totally protect all your data all the time, through following these steps you can limit the risk of data breaches in the workplace.  

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