How To Make Your Business Millennials-Friendly

How To Make Your Business Millennials-Friendly

As Millennials are the largest population in the workplace, their generation is too often ignored or vilified by traditional businesses that have failed to adapt to the social and technological evolutions. Indeed, it would be foolish to assume that the generational disparities in terms of expectations and aspirations can be explained by looking at a person’s year of birth. People born between 1977 and 2000, the Millennials, are often described as young and dynamic individuals who go everywhere with the smartphone and their organic kale and soy milk shake. From tech-savvy to tech-obsessed and green aspirations to modern hippies, the clichés have rapidly appeared, evolved and divided the business world. In reality, generational demographics provide modern institutions with the ability to monitor social transformations and to adapt in real time. In other words, becoming Millennials-friendly is the best way for your company to adjust to the latest evolutions of the society around you.  

Millennials don't just drink coffee, they drink fair trade coffee.

Modernize your communication

Young customers and employees have a different expectation when it comes to conveying a message. As positive emotions are perceived as a strength in the workplace, Millennials value the ability to create a bond with a message. It’s not just a matter of sharing your latest product in a tweet, but it’s about the story you tell as you do. As a result, modern businesses are expected to embrace the storytelling approach and reject the isolated social media post strategy.  For employers, it means developing new roles to be entrusted to talented Millennials, leaving them both control of the blog and the social media agenda. This is the way to improve your online presence, by creating a professional and in-depth story. Similarly, if you want to attract Millennials customers, you need to transition from isolated social media posts to a powerful story, by developing article-based content on a platform such as Wordpress or Wix.

Break the traditional office mold

The 9-to-5 office hours don’t work with Millennials. Their involvement online has changed the way they approach the workplace. Indeed, they rely on online tech to support their productivity and creativity as it fits their lifestyle. The argument of Millennials is that if you can shop online in the middle of the night, then you should be able to work online too. As a result, they are productive while maintaining a healthy and happy work/life balance. Companies require professional HR consulting services to modernize their work options. Flexible working time and remote offers need to be part of the bait if you want to retain Millennials employees.

Rethink your social responsibility and your ethics

Last, but not least, Millennials have high ethical standards. Customers and employees prefer to interact with companies that support positive causes. It becomes crucial for businesses to address the trend and commit to a cause. Whether it’s a matter of global problems, human rights, gender inequality or climate change, Millennials are engaged, and they expect their companies to be the same. Millennials want to work and shop with businesses they can be proud of.

Millennial-focused businesses offer more than just a different approach to communication, working days and CSR policies. It’s not a new trend to follow. It’s about shaping your business to meet the expectations of the modern society.

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