The Importance of Ranking For Business Improvement

The Importance of Ranking For Business Improvement

In business, exposure is everything. Be it on print or online, your business needs to be out there for everyone to see. Your potential customers and clients need to know of your existence, in order for you to sell your products and services. So, in the digital age, how are businesses being found? For the past few years or so, online users find businesses via search engines. And now, in 2018, search engines are becoming smarter and more responsive for users, so it’s key to make sure your site is optimised for them.

Any SEO expert can tell you about the importance of ranking, but we’re here to tell you why you should listen to them. In an age of shortening attention spans, being on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo is imperative to your brand’s success. Don’t believe us? Well, we’re going to lay out all the facts for you below, as to why ranking is essential for your businesses success.

Why Rank?

There are so many reasons you should work on SEO and PPC in order to get your website to rank on search engines. We’ve got a list below:

  1. To Beat Competitors

If you’re not working on SEO and PPC, there’s a good chance your competitors are. Why? Because they know the importance of having an online presence on search engines. If your competition is doing it, you should be doing it too. Try searching for a generic term around your business and see if your competitors are above you. The higher up in search engines you are, the more likely you are to have your link clicked.

  1. Because Page 2 won’t cut it

You may think ‘Oh, it’s fine, I’m on page 2 of Google’ – YOU ARE WRONG. In the world of search engines, if you’re on page 2, you might as well not bother. That’s because results on page 1 of Google makes up 95% of all search traffic to sites, with the remaining percent landing on page 2. The saying goes the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google… basically, in the world of digital marketing, page 2 isn’t enough to help your business succeed online.

  1. To be on Top

And for all the naysayers that are on page 1, but at the bottom, you’re just as likely to be missing out on potential business too. Why? Because the first and top result on a search engine results page gets around 32.5% of traffic through, whilst number 2 gets 17.6%. To really improve your chances of bringing in more business online, you need to be ranking in the top 3 results. This isn’t easy, but the pay-off can be monumental – if done properly.

  1. To establish your Business’ Reputation

Being high up on search engines makes your business more credible. If it’s the first thing users can find, they’ll be more likely to click on it, which means potentially there’s more business for you. Credibility and establishing your brand can boost your appeal for potential customers and will lead to more conversions.

Paid and Organic

There are two types of results on search engine pages. We have organic – where your website is optimised to rank on search engines. And then, there is paid – where you pay to advertise your website on the top of Google. For organic results, SEO is implemented. Through backlinks, optimisation and more, a website can organically rank on search engine results pages.

However, if you’re willing to pay, you can have your ad displayed at the top of search engines (however, there are only 4 spots). PPC stands for Pay per Click, which means every time your website is clicked on, your account will be charged. PPC is considered a short-term solution, helping websites rank quickly. Whereas SEO work can take months to yield results. Using both PPC and SEO can be part of a winning marketing strategy.

How to Rank

There are a few ways you can start ranking. How? Invest in PPC and SEO! In order to get your website to move up the rankings on search engines, you need to enlist a PPC and SEO expert to get your business moving. Digital marketing is an essential part of building an online presence, and for search engines, PPC and SEO are key ways to get your business seen.

You’ll need to work on your website for starters, to get it properly optimised for search engines. Thinking about keywords, readability and more are ways to help search engines gather information about your site, in order to help it rank for relevant terms. For PPC, you’ll need to think about landing pages and your budget, as PPC will cost per click. By including both of these in your marketing plan, you’ll start to see more business and better rankings on search engines like Google.

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