9 Important Ways Customer Service Technology is Changing Industry

9 Important Ways Customer Service Technology is Changing Industry

As technology continues to evolve, so will your customers' expectations. The wrong message or a delayed response could drive the customer straight to the competition.

As a result, you can't afford to ignore these rapidly changing technological trends and the effects they're having on your industry.

Here are nine ways customer service technology is changing the way customers and businesses interact on a daily basis.

1. Customer Service Technology Now Requires A Multi-Platform, Multi-Faceted Approach

From e-mail clients to social media platforms to websites and apps, our society is more connected than ever.

These new platforms present businesses with unique opportunities to engage with customers like never before. But only if you're taking advantage of every opportunity.

Customer service needs to extend beyond your website and onto any and every platform where your business has a presence.

2. Social Media Is More Than A Marketing Tool

Social media is a fantastic way to spread the word about your business. But you're likely unaware of how significant a role it can play into your enhanced customer service strategy.

90% of businesses are expected to use social media as a means of customer support by 2020.

Your customers are counting on service rep availability via Twitter DMs and Facebook Messenger.

3. Incorporating Customer Service Solutions Into Your Website's Copy

It's vital that you make your customers' quest for information as quick and painless as possible. A great start is to include a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on your website.

Common questions could include:

        What are your hours of operation?

        How can we get in touch with you?

        What services do you offer?

The Brodie International services page is a great example of how you can convey this helpful info in a concise manner.

4. AI Chatbots Save Time And Money

Next time you're engaging with a customer support rep, pay close attention. You may not be talking to a person at all!

AI chatbots are the latest trend in service technology and they're making life easier for yourself and your customers. Not only are chatbots being used on ecommerce and shopping sites, you will likely also find them on local directories as well. Since most of these sites are service-based towards big clients, it’s important to have full support and user engagement at all times.

These helpful bots are programmed to include answers to most basic questions your customers may have. If they're unable to find an answer, most will automatically open a support ticket, too.

5. Customers Demand Secure Transmissions

There's been a lot of talk lately about the significance of big data and its impact on security. Facebook, in particular, has found itself in a ton of hot water for allowing massive data breaches which exposed thousands of customers' personal information.

Don't make a similar mistake. Strengthen your customer service portal's security to ensure safe, secure transmissions.

6. Keep It Quick...Or Else

Though you do your best to get back to customers as quickly as possible, it may not be fast enough.

Most customers expect a response in as little as an hour.

Prioritize your service speed or your customers may lose patience.

7. Using Customer Service To Enhance Loyalty

On the other hand, a quick, efficient response can gain inspire customer loyalty.

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations may seem more difficult than ever, but a wise use of chatbots and social media can deliver a satisfactory experience for your customers.

8. Collecting User Data Can Enhance Your Operations

Updating your customer service solutions can benefit your business, as well.

In addition to inspiring customer loyalty, collecting common errors and complaints from service communications can help your business improve your products, messaging, and customer behavior.

9. 24/7 Support Is Now A Necessity

Sometimes things go wrong outside of standard hours of operation. Having 24/7 solutions for your customers can ensure that they're able to solve their issues or get in touch with you anytime, anywhere.

If you can't get in touch with them immediately, send a confirmation message that at least lets them know their message has been received.

Customer Service Technology Is Changing: Is Your Business Ready?

It's been fascinating to watch customer service technology evolve over the last decade or so. From basic email messaging to advanced automated technology, businesses and customers alike have more options than ever.

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