Improve Your LinkedIn Presence: 6 Steps for Better Engagement

Improve Your LinkedIn Presence: 6 Steps for Better Engagement

By making a few strategic changes to your company’s LinkedIn presence, you may substantially improve your engagement with customers, prospective employees, vendors, and others seeking information about your company online. Start with these six straightforward steps to boost your LinkedIn engagement metrics.

1. Publicly Engage with Thought Leaders

When your firm publicly engages with thought leaders on LinkedIn, your firm’s LinkedIn presence benefits by association. Look for opportunities to strike up conversations with prominent individuals and organizations in your industry or niche. As your firm’s profile rises, they may return the favor.

2. Connect Your Company Page to Your Employee Profiles

Encourage your employees to increase their LinkedIn activity (and create profiles, if they have yet to do so). Connect with every LinkedIn-active employee on your team, no matter how junior. This is a great way for firms to increase the depth and reach of their network. Trust and corporate services firm Asiaciti Trust’s LinkedIn profile, which connects with more than 50 employees globally, is a case in point.

3. Like Your Content (and Encourage Others to Do the Same)

There is no shame in “liking” and sharing your organization’s original LinkedIn content. Task your social media manager with doing this, and encourage your employees and followers to do the same. Bear in mind that the more engagement a given post receives, the more visible it is likely to be to LinkedIn users in your extended network.

4. Write Engaging, Detailed Posts

Publish detailed, engaging LinkedIn posts at regular intervals. These posts should treat topics on which your company and its employees can legitimately claim deep expertise. Posts that demonstrate your knowledge represent a unique opportunity to strengthen your company’s credibility in the eyes of prospective clients, employees, and vendors. Generate relevant topic ideas by periodically polling existing clients or synthesizing questions they’ve asked during the course of your relationship.

5. Vary LinkedIn Content Formats and Lengths

Not all your LinkedIn posts need be detailed explainers specific to your niche. Your company’s most engaging LinkedIn content may well turn out to be shorter, punchier pieces, such as a job opening announcement or the celebration of a noteworthy corporate milestone. Likewise, LinkedIn profiles that repeatedly return to the same content formats may leave regular readers fatigued or disengaged.

6. Favor Text-Only LinkedIn Content

While much has been made of the engagement-boosting benefits of visual social media content, particularly videos and GIFs, there is limited evidence that multimedia content substantially boosts LinkedIn engagement.

“Although that might be true on platforms like Twitter, this tactic doesn’t seem to work on LinkedIn,” writes Social Media Examiner contributor Josh Espirian.

Except in situations in which video or other multimedia content is clearly appropriate, focus on producing informative, engaging text-only LinkedIn posts. These will likely perform better, and drive more conversation among your connections and followers, than experimental multimedia content.

There Is Always Room for Improvement

As is the case with any social media outlet you use for business, there is always room to strengthen your company’s LinkedIn network. These six steps are not the only measures you can take to improve your LinkedIn presence and boost follower engagement—do not be afraid to seek out new opportunities.

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