How To Make Your Business Go Viral

How To Make Your Business Go Viral

Something that most businesses can only dream of is going viral. When a business goes viral, you can pretty much bet they are getting more sales, messages, followers, and conversions than ever. But how do you make your business go viral? Leaving it to luck or chance means it’ll probably never happen for you. Putting a plan in place to make your business go viral gives you a much higher chance of making it actually happen. Read on to see how you could do it:

Give Sharing Your Content/Page A Benefit

People will share your content for a number of reasons, maybe if they find it particularly helpful or humorous. However, you should give people another benefit of sharing your page. For example, you could give your audience members a discount code when they share your page.

Use Social Proof

Using social proof is a wonderful marketing technique in this day and age, and it can be especially helpful if your product has a perceived risk about it. For example, when you look at Uber, you’ll see that they offer free rides when you refer friends. This can help to ease any worries people have about getting lifts from unlicensed taxis. Knowing friends have used Uber will also make them feel more confident in the service, and it’s the same with any other business you could possibly think of.

Get The Timing Right

The timing of your product launch is absolutely everything. You need to think about when your product is going to hit the market, and when the campaign will run. If you plan on launching your product around a relevant event, you can then create a huge buzz around your product that will help to sell it. You could choose events like Christmas, local festivals, concerts, seasons, and more. You could even make an event if one doesn’t tie in with your product launch. The idea is to give people a sense of urgency to buy and become an early adopter of your product. Building anticipation with the help of paid and organic marketing is a must too, explain Berbay Marketing & PR. A social buzz is a great help when you want your business name to spread far and wide.

Coming Up With Unique Offerings

 You can’t expect to go viral if you’re offering the same thing that everybody else in your market is offering. You will do much better if you offer something unique and distinctive in comparison to your competitors. By capitalizing on current trends you can come up with unique ideas and sell far more products, so bear that in mind.

Promoting Sharing

The key to viral success is having your content shared on social media; there are no two ways about it. There are lots of ways to encourage people to share your content and products, for example, coming up with competitions where people must follow your account and then share something of yours on their own page with their followers. Visually engaging content is another great way to get your business out there; can you create short videos on how to use your product, or encourage influencers to do so? Makeup products on Instagram are a great example of this.

Giving Your Brand A Clear Voice

Coming up with a clear brand voice is a must if you really want your business to go viral. A brand voice that is all over the place just won’t do as well as one that is consistent across all social media, emails, and other communications. How should your brand speak based on who your audience are? However, make sure you don’t try to fake authenticity, as people will see through this and you’ll need to completely makeover your business to get your reputation back.

Know Your Brand Promise And Vow To Keep It

You need a great brand promise or proposition, and it must be different to your competition. You need to make sure your value proposition is communicated in such a way to the customer that they just can’t resist sharing or becoming interested in your business!

You Don’t Need To Reinvent The Wheel

You don’t need to invent something completely brand new and never been seen before to be successful or go viral. You could simply make something that we use every day better, and you should notice that your brand begins to build some traction. Give something a more beautiful design, make it work better, or add an even better feature, and you should have something you can launch and market to go viral.

Focus On Your Design

Making something boring look incredible with a great design could be the thing you really need to do to make your business go viral. Take an unsexy product like a fork or a shower cap and then design one that is so stunning people won’t be able to resist it. While you definitely need some great features to attract your audience, putting more effort into creating a jaw dropping design will do you the world of good if you’re looking to go viral. This will give you more of a chance of getting shares as people will likely never have seen something like you’re offering before.

Making Your Business Go Viral: Broken Down

This is all a lot of information to digest, so let’s break it down. To make your business go viral, you need to:

  • Have a distinct quality about your product. Will it be a feature, a design, or both?
  • Create a product around a story. Make it a part of something bigger.
  • Stir up emotions inside people by creating emotional connections.
  • Become a part of everyday lives - encourage social sharing with incentives.
  • Tap into the psychology of people.

You shouldn’t be discouraged if your business doesn’t go viral right away. Use the tips here, reassess what you’re doing if it hasn’t worked, track your results, and figure out what you can do better. Leave your own thoughts and idea on the subject below!

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