How to Make Your Corporate Event More Sustainable

How to Make Your Corporate Event More Sustainable

If you’re in the green economy business, and pay attention to your company’s carbon footprint, you will need to pay attention to keep waste to the minimum inside and outside of the office. When you attend exhibitions and corporate events, looking after the environment and implementing green policies will help you stand out from the crowd and get your message across better. Below you will find a few tips on how to design a sustainable business event and build on your brand’s green reputation.

Collect Waste from Other Attendees and Visitors

To get noticed by potential partners, you will need to go the extra mile. A good way of doing so is installing recycling bins by your stand and collecting recyclable waste from visitors and other exhibitors. By doing so, you will make people remember your name. While you might think that picking up the litter after others and doing their job might be a humiliating act, it can give out all the right messages about your corporate responsibility.

Display Your Green Goals At Your Stand

Companies looking for an ethical company will notice that you have sustainability goals displayed on your stand. Make sure that you word them clearly, and provide details on what you have done so far, and how your goals fit in your corporate vision and mission. This will help you increase your business profile, and draw attention to your brand.

Use Sustainable Materials

Whether you offer your visitors a drink or snacks, avoid single use plastics and non-recyclable materials. Use paper or biodegradable, edible plates and impress your potential partners through your unique solutions. If you own an innovative brand, you can get your efforts noticed by larger firms looking for exactly what you have to offer. When it comes to exhibition stand construction, you’ll need to find a company that uses sustainable materials.

Avoid Non-Recyclable Packaging

When it comes to packaging your products, you have to stick with the sustainable theme, too. Research your options for strong and durable green packaging, and avoid giving your visitors a plastic bag. Recycled paper is the best option, and there are plenty of designers offering beautiful unique solutions to help you increase your brand’s reputation.

Offer to Email the Leaflets Instead of Using Paper

One of the things that happen during exhibitions and corporate events is paper waste. If you are committed to reducing your paper use in the office, you can transfer your policies to external events, too. Ask for your visitors’ email address, instead of giving them a fancy printed leaflet that they will lose, and eventually put in the bin.

Whether you are a graphic designer or a business coach, you cannot adhere to your sustainability and green policies in the office and ignore them during exhibitions and corporate events. You can turn your green missions and visions to your advantage, and stand out from the crowd, building a strong brand. Create smart sustainability goals for events, and you can remain true to your calling.

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