The Modern Take On Work Environment For Employees

The Modern Take On Work Environment For Employees

One of the most beautiful things about being human is, that we are affected by the environment we’re in. this is ultimately a yin and yan experience because when we sit in the forest or on the side of a mountain we’re filled with a sense of peace and awe. Yet, when we are crowded and stuffed into a rush hour train, we feel our personal space is taken from us and we’re squashed against each other like cattle. The biggest part of our lives is our working day, which means the environment we’re in for 8 to 10 hours a day, has a huge impact on us. For better or for worse, this means that the aesthetics, attitudes, common courtesy and amenities at the office are essential to our happiness. As a business owner, you’re leading people every single day, trying to keep them motivated, determined to beat your rivals and be productive. We focus far too much on the things we can offer employees rather than the lifestyle we can offer them. A health insurance plan, bonuses and holidays are all fine in their own right, but we can’t expect our workers to just accept those things as standalone benefits for working for you.

A simple individual comfort

It's cliche, but its power has not diminished one iota in all the years of human history. A happy worker, is a productive worker. Individual comfort at the office is so important as it has a number of key effects. For one, when someone feels as if they have been catered to, they feel appreciated, thus they already start forming an emotional connection with you and your business. The other and far more sly effect, is the fact that they have one less excuse as to why they aren’t or cannot concentrate, because after all, their needs are being met physically. The other effects include, being able to worker longer hours, fatigue levels are better managed, and health conditions are also made a little easier to live with.

So how can you increase the level of comfort for each person that works for you? A simple and incredibly effective rule is to let people bring in their own office chairs. Companies refrain from doing this because of the legal healthy liabilities that could impact them. Such as, an employee is hurt by another employee’s equipment that isn’t issued by the company, and therefore could have posed an increase risk. However, if you formulate a change in your employee health and safety conditions contract, this could be easily steering around.

The atmosphere of modernity

Mental health is one of the most overlooked, if not the most, issue that employees and business owners face. The atmosphere of the professional office is so important to the attitude, happiness and camaraderie among workers. Yet for small businesses and entrepreneurs, being able to own their own office space is a large expense not all can afford. So in the modern world, where else can they achieve these attributes of a working environment? Well, Novel Coworking Office Space is certainly one of the best examples out there. If you don’t have the working capital needed to pay for your own office floor or building, then sharing an great office space with other like-minded entrepreneurs is definitely something you should consider. For a start it's very well priced as 1-2 persons need only pay $549 a month for their own private office. Looking for something bigger like a suite? For an 11+ team, your price goes down to just $399 per person, per month. However, that’s if you would like to have your own corner in a larger shared office floor. If you want something cheaper, that puts you among other companies, workers, mindsets and industries, then the coworking memberships is what you’re searching for. The coworking membership is a tiny $99 per month, the dedicated desk is $199 and the shared office is $299.

Your workers are surrounded by others that are in the same position your company is in. You’re fresh, yearning to succeed, need some professional space that’s cheap, have lots of great amenities like an espresso bar, mail service, and even local beer on tap. Internet up to 100mbs comes with the office, as well as being fully furnished.

What a great time to be alive and have so many options for success as a business. Cheap but great office spaces are available if you know where to look and who to contact. Individual comfort for every employee should never be disregarded as something minor. It makes their lives easier and more determined when the company they work for, puts their needs first sometimes.

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