Multi-Channel Lead Generation Leads New Customer Acquisition

Multi-Channel Lead Generation Leads New Customer Acquisition

How do you reach new customers when you’re driving your customer acquisition campaign? There is no single answer. Every lead channel has its advantages and disadvantages and what works in one sector may not be as efficient in another. A multi-channel lead campaign has to be responsive and flexible. Squeeze more out of your budget by targeting channels that deliver higher response rates and more conversions. Constantly keep data about leads and the path they take to conversion. Understanding what works and what doesn’t for your company will always deliver better results than following the crowd.

A lead generation company will test different channels and find what works for you. They understand the lead nurturing process and never get discouraged. The average sales person only makes 2 attempts to market to a prospect, according to an influential study by 360 Leads called the Black Report. Lead nurturing is a proven method and it requires three or more contacts before converting. Using multiple channels to contact the same target is another great idea. After making that first phone call, send an email a few days later, or follow up on a direct mail postcard with a phone call. Diversifying your lead channels will improve your response rate. Some targets never listen to their voicemail, but check their inboxes every ten minutes. A great sales person is flexible; they change with the changing habits of their prospects.

If you want to excel at sales lead generation, check out articles and newsletters about lead generation and learn about the pros and cons of different lead channels. Below are some insights into the most common lead channels used today: telemarketing, digital, and direct mail.

#1 Telemarketing

Telemarketing is one of the most cost-effective lead generation channels available in B2B marketing. When combined with a persuasive message and targeted to the right people at the right companies, telemarketing sells more. In a comparison of lead generation channels, Chron found that direct telemarketing may be the best channel for retention and customer win-back, with a nearly 13%success rate.

#2 Direct Mail

Direct mail has an average response rate of 4.4% and 65% of consumers have made a purchase based on direct mail. Compared to email marketing, direct mail has a success rate that’s 10 to 30 times higher than direct email marketing. You can achieve even higher success rates with direct mail with a creative campaign. The lead generation company 360 Leads achieved double-digit response rates with direct mail campaigns for companies like Glasvan Great Dane, a trailer and yard tractor business that had to pause the campaign in order to keep up with new leads.

#3 Direct Email

Direct email has a lower response rate but it’s the lowest cost to implement. Email marketing on average costs $55.24 per lead but brings an ROI of $28.50. Direct email in conjunction with telemarketing can improve your success rate and bring in new customers.

A multi-channel lead generation strategy can be more effective than focusing on a single channel, but you can also see high success rates on a limited budget with a lead generation company. Start finding new customers and work with a lead generation company who can fill your sales lead funnel. 

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