The NEED To Automate Your Digital Marketing

The NEED To Automate Your Digital Marketing

Tim Ferris in his New York Times Bestselling Book, The Four Hour Workweek talks about the importance of automation in our work lives so that we can focus on managing our business in the sense of working ‘on’ the business rather than working ‘in’ the business.  He also points out that life is for living, and that it’s important to create automated systems and leverage tools that can take some of the strain off of us, in order live more fully.

In many ways, The Four Hour Workweek has been the first mainstream productivity and life hack books to start a cascade of people wanting to work anywhere in the world, whilst sat on the beach sipping a coconut - as long as they have a laptop and decent Wi-Fi.  

That said, automation isn’t the reserve of millennial digital nomads; take a traditional business like food processing… let’s say that you have a haul of salmon that need to be descaled, gutted and cleaned before selling on to a supermarket.  This time intensive process can be cut in half due to automation of manual systems, by the likes of in this space, meaning even traditional businesses can benefit from.

Tim, along with several other millennial productivity experts urge us to outsource the majority of our tasks to a virtual assistant; ideally someone living in India or Asia on the basis of cost efficiency - in order to take care of the time consuming yet ultimately mundane aspects of running a business, such as social media notifications, writing blog content and so on.

In the remainder of this article we’re going to look at automating a number of the most time consuming digital tasks the majority of business owners contend with; as things such as being inundated by emails, following up on sales leads, keeping our files organized, and managing our social media presence can overtake not just our business, but our lives!

Indeed, the digitally connected world we live in, can be incredibly harmful to living a balanced and successful life; particularly in terms of our emotional wellbeing and social lives.  One of the best ways to ensure a more balanced life, is to automate your digital marketing by creating a network of automated process, systems, and apps to automatically take care of marketing tasks such as following up on emails, posting to Facebook, and so on… but first you might want to consider a social media cleanse.

This will not only free up physical time, it will also give you peace of mind, and a sense of certainty that things are being taken care of.  Essentially, it will allow you the time you need to be calm, focused, and responsive rather than reactive; contributing to a more stress free working life.


There are plenty of time-starved business owners frantically sending out an email to a customer thanking them for their order and letting them know when it will be shipped.  The key point with automation is that it frees your time to be working ‘on’ the business at a strategic level rather than ‘in’ the business where you are wasting your time doing the same job as a low-level employee.  You could use something like in order to start automating your emails at very low cost.


If you’ve ever accidentally spilled a glass of water on your laptop, lost your phone, or had the despair of hard drive failure you’ll have most likely heard the words “did you back-up your files” and if you didn’t, this is the point where you begin to feel overwhelmed by a sense of frustration and kicking yourself.  That said, keeping on track of backing up your files can be time consuming, which is why automating your file transfer can make your life a lot easier and offer a sense of security and certainty that allows you to relax.


Your marketing funnel is made up of several stages through which browsers (who will hopefully go on to become customers) move from first awareness of your brand or website through to making a purchase.  A marketing funnel is essentially the process of converting a visitor or browser into a paying customer, and sites such as Clickfunnels can automate this process in a very efficient and visually engaging way.


Managing your social media marketing campaigns can be extremely time consuming.  Many business owners consider hiring a virtual assistant in order to manage this time consuming task though there are several free apps such as Hootsuite and buffer that can help you automate this task.

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