Not Getting The Conversion Rates You Were Hoping For? Try This

Not Getting The Conversion Rates You Were Hoping For? Try This

When it comes to your business activity, you know you need to be getting results. But you sometimes can be faced with a whole lot of nothing. And it can be painful. Whether you’re trying to drive copy, push sales, get sign-ups, or encourage social media followers, when you’re giving it your all and getting nothing in return, you may feel like giving up. But don’t. Because you could just be one idea from hitting it big! And that’s the attitude to have. You’re just one attempt away from getting those results. But what do you do when you’re not really sure what tactics to try? Well, you’re going to want to take a step back and work on switching up the different variables you have, like the below.

1. Different Copy

Let’s say you’re not getting the conversion rates you wanted on your website or in your emails. Where you start with trying to switch things up? Well, a good place is always with your copy. Whether you realize it or not, copywriting can be really tough. You have to make sure that you’re engaging your target audience, that you’re using convincing language, that you’re staying on brand, and that you're still being clear and concise. If what you’re doing already isn’t working, then change it. Try different tones and approaches until you start to get the figures you want.

2. Tightening Your Emails

On the topic of emails, you may also want to look beyond the copy. Maybe it’s an issue with the quality of your data instead? So, think about email verification options to try out. Whether you need to bulk out the data or verify that you have the right ones, this can save you time and wasted resources. Also, make sure that you’re split testing to see what kind of formats and content is going to perform better for you.

3. Better Targeting

Maybe the problem is that you’re not reaching your audience? When you’re putting content out on your platforms, really check that you’re targeting your audience correctly. Go in and check the variables that you’re working on when you advertise, as this could be the key to improving your results.

4. New Platforms

Next, you should also consider trying out new platforms. Maybe the reason you’re not getting results is that your audience isn’t overly active on the platforms you’re on. So go back and choose new options to test and see if they can perform better for you.

5. Improved Branding

But that’s not all, maybe the reason you’re not getting any results is that your branding doesn’t really speak to your target audience. Or maybe the audience you’re attracting isn’t one that you’re marketing well too. So, you need to work on that. You’ll want to focus on improving your branding so that it either appeals to the right market segment, or so that you’re able to get in line with the market you are reaching and actually get some results.

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