Why Online Casinos Are Better for the Environment

Why Online Casinos Are Better for the Environment

Those of us who are eschewing physical casinos for the ones on our phones and computers are doing the environment a favor. Granted, this is something you probably never considered when jumping online for some slots or Texas hold ’em, but it’s a big benefit. In fact, every time you skip the car or public transport in favor of staying home to play some online poker, you’re doing a big service for the atmosphere.

Why Is Driving to a Casino Terrible for the Environment?

Every time you drive a car, hop on a bus, or take a plane ride, you contribute to global warming. Vehicles that burn fossil fuels not only release harmful emissions into the atmosphere – they also use up a resource that’s non-renewable. The car you drive, in particular, emits greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide trap solar radiation and cause the planet to warm up slowly, over time. Even warming up the planet by a few degrees could have disastrous consequences. It’s already happening, and we’re starting to see the outcome: natural disasters, extreme weather, and glaciers/polar ice caps melting. As the ocean waters rise and warm up, sea life dies off and disrupts the ecosystem. Habitats are destroyed and species that once thrived go extinct, which has ripples up and down the food chain. Transportation is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases building up in the atmosphere. When you hop in the car and drive anywhere – to the store, to work, for a night at the casino – you add to the problem.

Why Online Gambling Is Better

Now we’ve come back full-circle as to why you should keep up your gambling hobby on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Every time you log on versus hopping in the car, you reduce your carbon footprint. You’ll be doing your small part to help reduce emissions and slow down global warming.

Playing On-the-Go Is Better Than Ever

Playing online poker and casino games used to be a study in patience. You had to wait for the modem to boot up and dial into the internet. You had to wait for games to load. Now, because technology is improving at lightning speed, you can open up an online gambling app and start playing within seconds. Your experience will be just as good as if you were playing in person. Why? Because the graphics are better, the gameplay is fun, and you can even play live with other players.

Save the Planet and Play Online Casino Games

It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. When you pull our your phone for a round, you help the planet. You are reducing your carbon footprint and making a difference. So, keep your smartphone handy for your poker, blackjack, or roulette games. Whip out your tablet for some fun at the slots. You’ll enjoy yourself just as much as if you really were at the casino.

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