Online Startups: The Easiest Ways To Achieve Killer Sales On Amazon

Online Startups: The Easiest Ways To Achieve Killer Sales On Amazon

If you have the embryonic idea for a business startup meandering around in your lively brain cells, you may be eager see your startup launch into action. It can be difficult to make a name for yourself online with a wealth of rivals already established and fierce competition on every platform. You need to have a product that fulfils the needs and wants of a niche. It needs to be high quality, priced well and attract a potential customer base. You may choose to list your product on eBay, Etsy or your own e-commerce site. However, one avenue that you shouldn’t overlook is Amazon. With one in eight Internet users in the United States logging onto Amazon in the past thirty days, it’s obvious just how worthwhile this sales platform can be.

Unlike eBay, Amazon is strictly sales. There’s no auction element to the transaction process, and you need to establish yourself as quickly as possible to compete with the larger and more established sellers. While starting to sell on Amazon may seem daunting, it is accessible to all, from the smallest sole trader to the most dynamic startup. Take a look at this essential guide to getting started on Amazon and achieving killer sales.

Know Your Product

It doesn’t matter what platform you choose to sell on, you need to source an exceptional product that is sellable. You may find a niche in the market for smaller LED light bulbs, a specific and elusive ball bearing for faucets or a witty set of bibs for babies. Whatever it is that you believe is sellable, you need to source it for the correct price, which allows you to make the maximum profit possible. At the same time, you need to work out the optimum sales price per unit. Just because you’d like to quadruple your money doesn’t mean that this is the price that the product will sell at. If similar products to yours are selling on Amazon at $10 a unit, how can you justify $12? It’s much more effective and attractive to the customer if you could undercut your competition, sell at $9 and still make a decent return.

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Setting Up Your Profile

As with any online platform, you’ll need to create a seller account and profile. It’s vital that you make sure that this is completed as fully as possible. Customers will want to know a little bit about you, how you came to the business and what your motivations are. You will also have an opportunity to show off your brand and logo. Mirror the same branding across your online selling platforms, your website and your social media accounts to develop consistency. There’s nothing better than a potential customer recognizing your logo from your Facebook page on your Amazon profile. This will increase consumer confidence and show your potential customers just how prolific you are online.

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There is an art to listing a product online. You need high-quality content to describe your item if it is not already listed on Amazon. If it is, you can utilize their standard stock descriptions that have already been used as well as their images. These are top quality studio standard photos saving you the time, effort and money in creating images to tempt your potential customer base. All you’ll need to do is be honest with the condition, set the price and show the shipping options that you can offer.


If you notice that your orders are beginning to stack up as you develop a reputation for a high-quality product and exceptional customer service, you may start to feel swamped with the amount of postage and packaging and shipping that you need to organize. Luckily, there are ways you can take a little bit of the burden off of your shoulders and outsource to specialist companies to help with the shipping process. You don’t want to become a victim of your own success, with more orders than you can shake a stick at and revenue surging without the capacity to fulfil them. This could result in your business going under even if you are essentially turning a profit.

If your suppliers are based in the Far East, you could take advantage of a firm that specializes in fba sourcing in China. They will take direct responsibility for shipping your product direct from China straight to Amazon warehouses worldwide. This allows you to tick the box that states Amazon can fulfil the orders made for your products. No longer will you need to pack up ten or fifteen boxes a day to take to the local post office or send to a delivery agent to ship. Your time will be much more free to focus on advertising, marketing and keeping on top of your social media feeds and personal blog.

Customer Service

To achieve killer sales, you need to build a solid reputation and establish some quick five-star feedback. There is so much competition out there that you need to instill a deeper level of confidence within your potential customer to encourage them to push the buy button. Some great ways to encourage positive feedback are to respond to all enquiries within twenty-four hours and using a professional tone, make sure you deliver on time, and ensure that the product descriptions you use are accurate. If you say that a t-shirt is blue, don’t deliver one that is pink. Use common sense and ensure that you place enough emphasis on your integrity as a startup. Maintain your positive feedback ratings, and you can generate a loyal customer base who may repeat order time and time again.

Setting up any sort of business is difficult, and as many as 80% of new startups fail within their first eighteen months of trading. To ensure that you maximize your chances of success, follow this advice to become a reputable, dynamic and prolific professional Amazon online seller.

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