Prepare Your Business For Family Day – Update Your POS System

Prepare Your Business For Family Day – Update Your POS System

Around this time of year, large groups of people meet to reunite with family members over a nice meal or a day of shopping, coming together on a day specifically set aside to demonstrate a profound appreciation for family values. With this in mind, business owners and restauranteurs across the nation are preparing to accommodate tables of people in the double-digits who are all eager to eat, enjoy, and spend copious amounts of money. Not unlike Black Friday’s intensive shopping, Family Day can too easily overwhelm an establishment that finds itself ill-prepared to take on the exigencies of the festivities.

If your business is one of the few that chooses to remain open during the actual proceedings of Family Day (which is not always the case), it’s more than likely you’re encounter at least a few surges of customers throughout the day. Here are a few ways to avoid this kind of short-sightedness.

Stock Up

If you’re a store with greeting cards available, be sure to have the appropriate materials ready to go; that means inventorying all Family Day related materials and relocating them to a display that makes them extremely visible and accessible to customers in a rush.

If you own a restaurant, it goes without saying that you ought to put aside specific ingredients for themed Family Day specials, all the while stocking up on the items that are usually popular amongst your clientele.

Prep Your Tech

It’s important to acquire the latest point of sale terminal technology for your business, small or large, in order to save face during a rush; a new debit card machine or tablet credit card reader will absolutely fare well in a hectic retail setting or a packed restaurant. Running diagnostics every so often will keep your systems running smoothly, so you won’t have to worry about glitches and botched transactions. 

Stay Organized

It’s important to keep things in place, lest disorganization get the best of you and your sales team. Indeed, consistently inspecting and cleaning your POS area will help to avoid card skimming, for example, wherebycovert card-reading technology is used by an unseemly customer in order to capture the card information of others; this kind of activity is easy to overlook if your cash register is unsupervised or simply too cluttered. Under the innocent guise of Family Day, identity theft can go undetected, particularly with high-tech card skimming technology at play, which is difficult to spot with or without a rush of customers occupying much of your attention.

Keep Calm And Carry On

Don’t let your staff’s morale dwindle just because of a few rushes. Remind them that they are valued employees doing an excellent job during what would otherwise be a relaxing day off; remember, they’ve family to see, too. In any case, the endorphins will kick in shortly after things get hectic, so you won’t necessarily need to worry about employees slowing down.

With these tips in mind, both you and your customers should have a wholesome, productive Family Day in store.

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