Proof That Press Releases Are Still Crucial for Publicity

Proof That Press Releases Are Still Crucial for Publicity

Today, an overwhelming amount of business is done online. There are companies that make millions of dollars selling products and services internationally that only a handful of people are familiar with. Some businesses have non-existent advertising budgets, making it possible for them to increase profits exponentially in a couple of years. Then there are companies that have no inventory, no overhead costs, and are operated by single entities. Of course, every business scenario is going to be different, but one thing is absolute; press releases are still king. Whether you are a B2B based company vying for government contracts, or want to ensure that your company becomes a household name, here is proof that press releases are still critical for new businesses and established companies alike.

Press Releases Are Informational

Whenever you want people to learn about your company, you have to hope that you can keep their attention long enough to explain your history. Otherwise, a curious consumer might visit your business website and click around until they find the ‘About Us’ page. By contrast, press releases put businesses on the front page of the news. Press releases find their way into inboxes, on news-based websites, and even on websites specifically designed to host the newest press releases. So, with each release of a new business announcement, your company is guaranteed to get more people to learn about its background.

Distributing Press Releases Gets Attention

The reason that press releases are penned and distributed is to announce something that is of interest to the general public. Getting ready to open a new location? Distribute a press release that announces the location of your new store, including the date, time, and location. Has a new company CEO been named? The best way to ensure that everyone knows about it is to put out a press release that includes a small blurb about your CEO as well as the MBA online degree program he or she completed. Being able to highlight a strong background in business is a great asset for any company. Thus, putting out a press release that highlights and details both the business school attended as well as other professional accomplishments will get your business more attention.

A Well Written Press Release Can Change Public Opinion

For any company that has experienced scrutiny, scandal, or disapproval from the public, a lot of work has to be done to turn things around. An entire team of publicists may need to be hired to help put out the proverbial fire. Depending on what exactly a business is trying to express, a press release might let consumers know that responsibility has been taken and that changes are being made. A press release might also be used to issue a public apology. In the event that your company is fighting false accusations and rumors, a press release could be used to defend yourself. Whatever the case is, there is pretty much no better for way a company to get a large platform than utilizing the power of the press release.

They Get Businesses Maximum Exposure Quickly

Sometimes, advertising has the desired effect and businesses can actually scale back on their budgets. Purchasing advertising space on TV and radio stations can lead tens of thousands of new potential customers right to your door. Your newly re-designed website could be successfully advertising via social media and you might need to get a bigger server in order to host the fast increase in traffic. For most companies, however, there is no such thing as too much exposure. And with a press release, you are almost totally guaranteed to get tons of exposure quickly.

Press Releases Are Perfect for Announcing Events

Business events are not only necessary for keeping the general public interested in your company, they are necessary for keeping staff happy. Whether you have an annual holiday party, charity-based events, or blockbuster summertime parties, people need to know in order to get involved. Use the power of the press release to let everyone know what your business’s plans are well in advance. That way they can mark the date on their calendars and be certain to show up with bells on.

Technology has changed much about the business world, but press releases are still highly relevant. In just a couple of minutes, people can read up and find out what a business is up to currently. And since press releases are designed to be interesting and engaging, companies can always count on getting a nice boost in business soon after a new press release is penned and distributed to the public.  

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