Reasons Text Messaging is Crucial to Your Customers

Reasons Text Messaging is Crucial to Your Customers

If you are looking for new ways to promote your business this year and connect in a better way with your audience, one type of communication you should try right away is texting. Texting is something we use every single day to keep in touch with our family and friends, and it can be a great way to communicate with your customers too. Not convinced? You will be after this post!

Ahead of the competition

One of the main advantages of a texting service such as SMS API options for your app is the fact that it is very quick and effective. Texting takes a matter of seconds to reach your audience, and they are much more likely to reply to you than if you email. When you receive a text on your phone you will see it right away, however an email will require you to open the mail app and search. It is a simple and effective way to reach your audience before your competition does.

It’s more personal

When you are communicating with your audience it is important to remember that you are trying to communicate with real people. When you are counting your sales and your web traffic it can be all too easy to forget that your customers are real people, not just numbers. However, when you send out a text you are directly communicating with a real person, and you should make sure that it is well written. People will actually enjoy reading a text if it is well thought out, and they are much more likely to reply because they feel more connected with you.

It is convenient

There is nothing more annoying for a person than being in the middle of shopping or working and receiving a phone call from an unknown number. People generally do not appreciate being called in the middle of the day to talk about products and deals, it just isn’t something which works. If you want to stay on the good side of your audience, avoid calling and use text instead. A text takes minutes to send, it doesn’t disturb someone during the day, and it takes a second to read to reply to.

It makes people like you

If you choose to text instead of call your customers, they will immediately like you more. It is a simple fact that texting makes you seem like a more open and honest company, and it brings you one step closer to your audience. Texting can be used for appointment reminders, to tell your customer that their parcel is out for delivery, and even to say that their pizza is on its way. Texting is useful, personal and makes your business look better.

In short, texting is a form of communication you should definitely try this year, and because it will make a big difference to the people you are able to reach, the audience you are able to communicate with, and your business and personal reputation too.  

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