Relocating Your Business? Make It Sustainable!

Relocating Your Business? Make It Sustainable!

One of the trickiest thing that you can do as a business is relocate your company to new premises. The effort and time that goes into a relocation are both huge and it can cause a lot of stress as well as a staff shake up. When you are trying to run an office that is eco-friendly and sustainable, it can seem impossible to pull off an office move that aligns with your vision. Moving your business to new offices doesn’t have to be damaging to the environment, though. For a greener, cleaner office relocation, you need to consider how sustainable your office plans are. If you aim to be environmentally friendly in your office move, you can cut your costs, reduce the overall stress and make your business move a smooth one.

Embarking on a relocation is often a journey that is overwhelming. Your decision to move premises could be for a number of reasons, which often include either a relocation to another city or expanding your business to accommodate diversification or new staff – or both! Regardless, relocation is a good thing for a business. It’s a time of change, which can often feel stressful, but realistically a move is going to give you more to work with later on. You get a chance to redesign your space and – if you want to – rebrand entirely. You could also choose to introduce new ways of working to your staff and give your way of managing a full shakedown so that everyone is working more efficiently. Staying sustainable while you do it isn’t going to be easy, but there are ways that you can ensure your business sustainability.

The earlier that you start planning your move, the better. You will have more than enough time to research sustainable moving companies, furniture and where you can sell on or recycle your own furniture. You will also have the time to decide whether you want to move your office away from the town you are currently located. Remembering that you have an entire workforce to consider should help in your decision-making, especially if you have a good team that work closely and happily together. Ideally, offering people the chance to relocate with you, especially key management, could pay off in the long run. However, before you go ahead and offer that kind of benefit you have to ensure that you could afford it. People are a resource, but the direction of your company has to come first.

Firstly, you can take a fine-tooth comb to your office space and have a huge clear out. You wouldn’t believe the amount of old furniture, unused boxes, broken office chairs and dud equipment you have lying around until you actually look. It’s easy to breeze past that computer in the corner that never works, because the effort of disposing of it is just too tedious when you actually come down to it. Every single desk and chair and computer you pack ready for the move takes up space in the moving vans and it adds a lot of weight and fuel consumption to the vans collecting you for the move. Use this new relocation to decide what equipment you want to bring, or whether you want to shake things up a little further and offer your staff remote working. The slimming down of your office space means maximum use of the space in your new premises. Doing this can ensure that you aren’t dragging dead weight with you to the new office, impacting on the environment on the way and you can save yourself some cash in your utilities spending in the new office if more people are working from home.

Next, you need to consider where you want to move. It’s great to see large offices close to the city Centre in a prime location, but if the space you are paying for is not worth the money and the building is not sustainable, you could be spending more than necessary. You need to find an office that is accessible for your customers, your staff and your suppliers, although this won’t necessarily be possible if you’ve decided to relocate entirely to a new city or country. Always look for a building that has modern heating and cooling facilities, well glazed and appropriately insulated. You need to feel secure that your company’s carbon footprint is not going to be impacted purely because you’ve moved elsewhere. Not only will you save money in the long run in your costs, you’ll know you are doing well for the environment at the same time.

There is absolutely no doubt that your move will accumulate more rubbish and waste than you want to, so it’s important to know where you can recycle your furniture. You can buy used cubicles for the new office from a company that up-cycles old office equipment, and not only will this save you money, you’ll have your office plan arranged in no time at all. Disposing your existing furniture and upgrading is a good idea but do it sustainably. When you spend money for new office furniture or electrical equipment, make sure that you find out if you can recycle your goods with the same company. This way, when new things are delivered, the old can be picked up. You can work with resale partners when it comes to office furniture disposals, and you can recycle your goods into private homes or smaller, start-up businesses.

Did you know that you could choose an office moving company with green credentials? The biggest carbon costs when you choose to relocate your office is when the company physically moves your business from one place to another. You want to be able to say that you had a sustainable move, which means little environmental impact. There are plenty of moving companies out there that have the same environmental concerns as yourself, so will be well-equipped with fuel efficient vans and carbon offsetting programs. A lot of sustainable moving companies will also be able to either provide or point you in the right direction of access to recycled packing materials. Spending money out on moving is going to be a large expense on your business budget, so it makes sense to buy reused and recycled where you can.

This planned relocation is a good time to decide whether you want to completely makeover your company and give yourself a rebranding, or simply enhance the brand that you already have. You can always tell when you walk into an office whether or not it is outdated and older or young and quirky. Even if your business has been around the block a time or two, you want your brand to stand out and be considered in the young and quirky category. People outside your business will learn a lot about your company values by the way that you lay out and decorate your office space. If you want them to know that your business is one that is sustainable, you should make sure that you advertise it. For example, pallet end tables and coffee tables in the break rooms and waiting areas as well as seating made from recycled fabrics are something that you can put on display. Buying recycled stationery, water cups and even bathroom paper can also be something that you advertise in your office. Giving back is not just good for the environment, it’s good for your PR! The possibilities are endless when you move to a new location, so don’t be afraid to implement new methodologies. Lean business processes being introduced in your new office can help you to eliminate business waste and make your company more efficient than you ever thought possible.

The modern workplace has undergone dramatic changes in recent years, with most offices now being fluid spaces. Cubicles still have their place, especially on a sales floor, but there are now more communal run areas of an office to make it more modern and approachable. When you choose your premises for your relocation, you should ensure that you have chosen a space that can encompass your brand, be approachable and open to visitors and inviting. Adding plants throughout your new office not only improves the air space for people to breathe, it gives the office a little bit of oomph and life. Offices can be stuffy places, and plants improve indoor air quality by up to 87%, which in your sustainable way of thinking, is a great way to improve the office as a whole. Not only that, but your staff can be happier and more creative with their work, purely due to their presence.

Lastly, centralizing recycling and removing individual waste paper baskets is a great way to improve the recycling abilities as a whole. Reduce, reuse and recycle where you can, and your brand new offices can be on their way to a sustainable, eco-friendly environment that saves you money at the same time

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