Social Media, New way of living in the next generation lives

Social Media, New way of living in the next generation lives

Internet technology is so much in hype these days. And it is because of its ability to grab all the attention to it. We cannot live without internet nowadays. It is the digital era and we always find solution of all the problems online. This is the technology which is much needed in these days. There are so many fields where this technology is being used like social media, search engines, apps etc. So different products of this kind of technology is there.

Different Internet Technology:

 1. Social Media:

There are so many social media platforms are in the market. The most famous is Facebook. It is the most popular among the people from when it was launched. There are so many other social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr etc. These are used to interact with each other even if you have lost a friend so many years ago. so it is very useful in today's world.

 2. Search Engine:

The one and only king in the sector of search engine is Google. Whenever we are stuck at something we Google it. It has so many informations packed in it that a man's whole life is not enough at all to know each and every one of them. Google can solve each and every type of problems you face in your life by just giving you desired search results of yours.

 3. Apps:

Apps are so important in this generation because it cancel all type of purpose in your life. For all type of work you will surely get an App in the Play Store or in iOS. Apps are so popular these days that we cannot stay single moment without it. We always go through any of the apps in our mobile. It is kind of the way of life now.


There are so many advantages of internet technology in our life. It made everything available online and we can get access of everything just by clicking the mouse sitting at home. So advantages or many in internet technology.


Sometimes some fraudulent practices take place through the internet that people get scared of it. Some virus attack or cyber crime happen which violates the safety of the user. But if you use some safety features and take some steps then these things can be avoided for sure.

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