Staff Morale - The Real Magic of Business Performance

Staff Morale - The Real Magic of Business Performance

What would you say makes your business work from day to day? A purpose? Funding? An office with power? Well, yes, without any of those you’re going to have a pretty terrible time of things. But staff morale is something that is often seen as something we should keep up, but not an absolute priority. After all, if a massive business order comes through that could help you pay off all the debts of the year if completed, do you care much about almost heavily encouraging overtime over the Christmas period? The nature of a business does suggest you take the most value you can squeeze out of your employees from day to day. It’s simple practical logistics.

But does it have to be this way? Do you have to run your employees to the bone each day to make them more productive? Or could staff morale really influence work to a higher degree than we know? Here’s how to increase it, and why it matters:


Staff enjoying knowing what they can expect to do on a daily basis. They want to be notified about the direction the business is taking. They want to know how to increase their performance in a natural way. They also want to know how they are doing. This positive reinforcement or sincere criticism helps them develop. Staff aren’t children.

They often respond positively when they know something needs to be changed and you provide them the honest tuition to help them do that. That’s because why they might love working at your firm, their professional development is something they likely care more about, and skills are the main currency here. Speak to your staff with honesty, care, and apply the praise when it really means something, and you will have effectively doubled your staff morale than if you neglected to do this before.


We’ve all been in jobs where the resources aren’t enough to go around. Maybe the office printer isn’t working. Maybe they’re understaffed and overburdened. Maybe they have an outdated and overrated office software taking unnecessary time to get the work they need to be done. Maybe the excellent installation companies retrofit has not been properly explained to them, or they haven’t been trained in its proper use.

Staff want to feel competent and able, so why in a million years would you ever prevent them from doing so? They have a vested interest in their jobs. It provides them with a living. Allow them the tools to do their job well, in all circumstances. Invest a little more so they never have to complain about this. Repair things that go wrong within the same day or by tomorrow at least. This shows your staff are important to you, and your investment speaks that louder than your words.


Yes you communicate and express ideas to your staff, but you must also listen. No one better knows the role they occupy than the person in it, even if you feel as the boss you have total authority. Listen, listen, listen, listen. Not only that, proceed in applying the lessons learned here. This allows your employees to feel part of the firm they occupy. They will likely not feel slighted in any way if you do this, and major problems may be fixed sooner rather than later.

Staff morale is one of the most vital resources of your firm. With this guide, it is sure to blossom.

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